Saturday, July 19, 2008

Still Going....

There's five days left until Husband heads back to work. He's been on vacation since July 4th. And while I'd like to say we've done all kinds of fun things, I'd be lying.

You'd think with the sicknesses running the house, it would be the dead of winter. But it's not. And we're still sick. Einey's fever lasted for about 2 1/2 days, but never turned into Hand Foot and Mouth (thank god!), but she's been congested ever since. And then yesterday, Meenie started vomiting. Just once, yesterday and once today. But enough that we still can't say "hey, let's go to the Cape Monday". It's just not happening. I think it's heat related - we've been in a heat wave for two days. Yesterday we went to the lake for swimming and when we got home, she started to complain her tummy hurt. Then she threw up, I gave her a cool bath and we all settled down to watch Pokemon Rangers and the Temple of the Sea. She fell on the floor and I had Husband sleep downstairs with her. Then she was fine. This morning, she woke up, was fine, bouncing around acting normal. Around 2pm, I noticed her looking a little tired and by four, she was complaining her tummy hurt a little. I gave her a cool bath and she felt better. Then I dropped her (and her sisters) off at the in-laws as Husband and I were going out and they were supposed to stay the night (we were going to pick Einey back up later to come home- she didn't want to sleep over).

Husband and I had a fabulous time out. We didn't do much - did some shopping - he needed paint brushes (again) and I wanted to pick some things up at Bath and Body. We looked at school sneakers and a few other things and then headed out to dinner. We stopped at a new Mexican restaurant in the area (excellent BTW) and then headed to pick up Einey. When we got there, we found out Meenie would be coming home as well. She got sick.

That's not to say we didn't do anything this vacation. We went swimming. And out for ice cream. And to the movies. And to a concert in the park. And letterboxing. And we've gotten alot done around the house. Over all, between sicknesses, we've had fun. And we've enjoyed being together as a family. And that's all that counts in the long run.

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