Monday, August 25, 2008

ABC's of summer

Now that summer is winding down and school is set to start soon, I thought I'd do a quick recap of our summer format "borrowed" from In the Trenches.

A is for alligator, to which there wasn't any in the lake, despite the fantization of the lifeguards.

B is for blueberries, freshly picked from the fields.

C is for cicada, which emerged in the backyard.

D is for dragonfly. Big, small, red, green, blue or orange. Zipping here and there, stopping to rest.

E is for earrings in six newly pierced ears.

F is for flowers.

G is for new green grass, in the new back yard.

H is for horses, which make parties more fun.

I is for ice cream.

J is for jungle gym, in the back yard. Flips and spins, imagination takes hold.

K is for kindness.

L is for Lyme Disease carried by deer ticks picked up by Meenie in the field picking strawberries.

M is for mud pies made by Moe with her friends the lifeguards.

N is for new tires on the van.

O is for Olympics, which occupied many nights.

P is for penicillin of which there were two. Two separate illnesses, two separate doctor's visits. One type of antibiotic.

Q is for quiet days by the lake.

R is for reptile. Snakes, toads, lizards and frogs. Those are among the things we caught. Little girls with a love of things slimy.

S is for swimming. We went swimming almost every day. If we weren't at the lake, we were at grandma's new pool!

T is for toads, living under a rock.

U is for umbrellas, which were needed in New England for the better part of August.

V is for visits from friends from far away.

W is for wishes on the first star of night.

X is for xtra long vacations with dad.Seven weeks total, and despite all the sickness, we had fun.

Y is for yesterday - our back to school bash, the perfect way to end the summer.

Z is for zzzzzz. Which is what we'll probably be doing that first morning of school.

I'm kicking myself because I did leave my camera home for many of our activities this summer. I opted to enjoy the enjoy the summer without the lens. We had a great summer despite the illnesses that besieged us. The girls were great, and kept the fighting and whining to a minimum. It was great seeing them work together and play together. And it was great seeing Meenie learn to swim (and enjoy doing so) this year.


Trenches of Mommyhood said...

Great post! Your girls are just too cute!

Anonymous said...

I'm totally impressed. I'd probably have to skip some letters.

Rock the Cradle said...

That cicada shot is amazing!

Busy summer you had. Do you get to rest now?

Binky said...

This was a great idea for recapping the summer.

Ladybug's Picnic said...

God they are cute. I also have done a lot without the lens this summer too - probably going to try to pick it back up this fall.