Wednesday, October 01, 2008

To which, I answer the question

"It must be nice having all the girls in school,"

"Just what do you do all day now?"

"You must be bored."

The answers - it is nice having the girls in school. It's quiet and I can actually get things accomplished. It's not boring because I'm doing many, many things.

To start with, I've cleaned out the playroom - getting rid of bags of toys and garbage, organizing things and rearranging a few items. I've cleaned out the girls rooms, bringing most toys downstairs and books/stuffed animals upstairs. I've cleaned out the closets, bagging up the clothes that are too small for Moe and putting away most of the summer clothes. Fall is definitely here and it's a tad too cold for tank tops and sun dresses. I've washed floors and started cleaning out things in the basement. I've given away DVD's and movies that the girls have outgrown. I've packed up the bathing suit and other beach items. I've worked outside (another post for another day).

But most of all, I've been working on converting the nursery to a tween room. We moved Einey into her own room over the summer and she was happy with it, however she's getting bigger. And that means she needs a real bed. A bed that isn't the crib converted to a daybed. And to get a big bed, we needed to order bedding. And we found bedding, just nothing to match the walls. So now had the dilemma of how to paint the room. We've come up with a solution. Were going to wallpaper the top, where the mural is and leave the walls the blue. Then we're going to put up a border (either paper or wood) to separate the two. After scouring wallpaper books at Lowe's and then bringing Husband to check out what I liked, I found the paper we are going to use. And the border. Only, the border was paper and would be too big to use as a border (even though Husband wanted to cut it into tiny chunks - uh no - this actually caused us to get into an argument at Lowe's and sent Husband storming off). The result - we're not using it and will probably just use decorative molding to us as a divide. So now, back to Lowe's to actually order the wallpaper.

Once that's finished, I can order the mattress and bed frame. I've put that off until we have the walls done. It will make life much easier. I have however, gone out looking and know what I'm ordering and from where.

I've ordered and received the bedding and ordered a chair for her room - which is freaking awesome! Now all that's left is to order the shelves I want from Pottery Barn Kids.

New Bedding

I'm pretty sure I know what the placement of all the furniture will be, with the exception of her two bookcases. I have to see how the bed fits into her room first. And I'm not sure what I'm doing with the bins of clothes (I store them in her room, but would like to move them - I think I need to clean out the closet in the master bedroom and see if I can fit them in there). And then we need to decide whether or not we are putting the old computer or the small TV/N64 in there.

But yeah, that's what I've been up to in a nutshell.

Here's what the room currently looks like. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

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Rose said...

Oh wow. When you're done with all that can you please come help me? I need to do a lot of that, but I just can't get myself motivated!
Good for you!

Alex Elliot said...

I can't wait until next fall when my younger one is in school two mornings a week so I can finally get things done!

Stimey said...

I'm not getting nearly as much done as I thought I would once school started. I'm holding out for when all three kids are in all-day school.

Jenifer said...

Oh I can't WAIT to have all the kids in school!

Unfortunately I have about 4 more years to wait!!!!!

It's amazing how much of a difference it is with one gone!!

Although I guess in reality I don't want to rush it too much, after all Madi is my last baby... :(