Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Moe was wide awake this morning. And despite her promise of letting me sleep in, I had to shoo her out of my room (and out of my closets) many, many times. She was using every excuse to come in - even bringing me stuffed animals to "help me sleep". Finally, after she was dressed in her "fancy" dress, she and her sisters brought me breakfast in bed. My breakfast consisted of dry cocoa puffs, a cup of milk, a glass of water and a gogurt. Then they retreated downstairs so I could eat my breakfast in peace.

Around lunch time, I took them to the park. We packed a picnic lunch and brought some bread for the ducks. It was cool and windy, but we spent a big part of the afternoon feeding ducks and running around the playground. They found some of Moe's friends so there was plenty of laughter and lots of hide and seek. There was, also, two falls from the balance beam, one resulting in a bumped head and the other a banged up chin and leg. But the tears abated and then there were cries of 'push me on the swing" and "higher, higher". Lastly there was help on the monkey bars.

We came home with hopes of making cookies, but I was out of many ingredients from the brunch last week. So we took some paint out and painted on the deck (and on our paper, and somehow bodies and a bit of our clothes). It was only supposed to be on the paper, but it managed to get everywhere!

We had some Wii time, but that quickly ended when fights erupted over who was playing what character and who was winning what race. I shut the TV and Wii off and told them to find something to do, I was taking a nap! Meenie was mad, I heard her go upstairs to throw a tantrum in her room. I also heard her stop, walk downstairs, see no one paying attention to her and walk back upstairs to continue said tantrum. Once the tantrum subsided, they sat and played their DS's and worked in their workbooks. They colored pictures and let me rest.

And then the question of dinner came up. "what do you want for dinner? We'll make anything you want."

Happy Mother's Day to everyone out there.

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Clink said...

heh, Gogurt.

I can imagine the wind is what caused the paint to go goodness it was something else yesterday!

Were they able to find your presents?