Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Having six eight year olds over for a sleepover was so nice and refreshing. So why is it, that with double the amount of kids running around playing hide and seek, it was quieter then having just my three home? OMG, the bickering lately!

Just how many bubbles are in a years supply of bubble bath?

Why doesn't it feel like Christmas this year?

Why are frisbees being thrown in my house?

Does anyone else constantly need to replace the "little" Nintendo items? You know, like Wii wrist straps (because a certain child who will remain nameless cut them with scissors)? And DS styluses, because certain other kids eat them? Seriously, I have replaced so many of them because apparently I don't feed my kids. I am constantly finding them all chewed up. Oddly, she doesn't chew on pencils or other objects.

And did I forget anyone on my card list? or to buy xmas presents for? Because as I'm writing this, I just remembered the gift that was supposed to be sent to my friend in VA. The gift that should have been in the box that was mailed out today.


Clink said...

...and you want a puppy.

Alex Elliot said...

Whenever my kids have friends over I get more done because they're busy playing with their friends. Then again, I always feel like my house should be really clean to have other kids over so it involves a lot of work on part.