Wednesday, July 14, 2010


This past weekend, Husband surprised me with a surprise 30th birthday party. Or tried to surprise me. I am very happy with all the effort he put into it and spending a wonderful day with some of my best friends. Thanks so much!

That being said, it wasn't a surprise but I played along...

Ingredients for a great surprise party (or any party):
  • Invite your best friends
  • Have everyone bring their favorite dish
  • Beer
  • Friends
  • Beer
  • No gifts required
  • Have fun
How not to throw a surprise party:
  • Ask/tell party recipient that she/he needs to wash the floors (serious - he should have known there that the gig was up)
  • Have them prepare their own food while feigning ignorance of why you/they are making mad amounts of food for "later in the week"
  • Start cleaning other areas of the house that are normally left alone
  • Clean in general because it's not normally "your job"
  • Tell significant other to stay out of your email/FB (because a) your planning something or b) your having an affair :P )
  • Have me by my "favorite" beer to bring to an made up picnic with coworkers - which totally would not have been enough.
  • Ignore dog crap in the yard (where people will end up) but requiring floors to be squeaky clean (where people will not be)....
Tell the kids

Leading up to the party, I kept hearing about how it was going to be a special day but they couldn't tell me why. And also, I couldn't go in the basement (their rule - no one else's).

Despite me knowing, it was a great party and I enjoyed having a wonderful day with friends!


Life As I Know It said...

Happy Birthday, a little late. And, wow!, you're young! Enjoy every minute!!

Jen said...

Indeed. Anything told to the kids is about as far from a secret as possible! Happy birthday!