Monday, August 16, 2010

Juju-Bean's Coffee Shop

Having a single serve coffee brewer is great. Having one that works (we went through 2 in just under 2 months before the wonderful people at Keurig sent my my third system, their customer service is awesome!) is even greater. Having your own personal coffee barista is beyond awesome.

Sometime over the summer, a new shop moved into town my kitchen. It's called Juju-Bean's Coffee Shop. And henceforth, I was officially fired, no longer allowed to make my own coffee - I got yelled at and chastised and given the stink eye any time I attempted to make myself a cup. It was also declared that from that point forward, all cups of coffee were subject to a $1 per cup charge.
Making the right choice - Mocha Nut Fudge -YUM!

Getting started

Adding just the right amount of Equal - 4 for me - 5 for Dad

Half and Half

A little stir (sometimes ice at this point if it's hot out)

A little taste test - burning hot

Finishing touch - whipped cream - and sometimes caramel

The girl may be 5, but she seriously knows how to make pretty darn good coffee! Now I'm just wondering what I am going to do when she goes back to school!

*For the record, she is completely supervised while making the coffee and knows not to pick up and move the hot cups. We would never let her do this if we thought she would get hurt by it.

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Anonymous said...

too funny, i'm loving that her jammies are not complete without an arm of silly bands,lol
big hugs
the knight fam