Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Spring Cleaning - Day 6

Today I tackled the master bed room. It was a haven for messiness. I swept the floors, put all the clothes stacked on the cedar chest away and organized the closet. I cleaned off the book shelf and the top of the Big Kid's dresser. I cleaned out the closet - getting rid of clothes that I haven't worn in years. I need to get the Big Kid to do the same as there are clothes in there he hasn't worn since we moved in. I realized two things while cleaning - the Big Kid, despite his protests, has enough work shirts to last a month if I didn't clean them and there are so many work notes and study guides laying around, I could heat my house for a year or insulate the attic with them. The only places I haven't found any are the girls rooms and the playrooms. There are stacks EVERYWHERE - I'm at a loss of how to organize them!

I only finished 1/2 the room - the Big Kid's 1/2 so the rest will wait.

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