Monday, January 02, 2012

2011 Year in Review

Last January (and February) was the winter the wouldn't end.  Feet of snow covered the yard - so much we were running out of places to shovel it.

February was the month we had been waiting for when the Big Kid would finally be finished school.  It came and went.  And he wasn't.

March finally brought a thaw and the snow receded. 

April the girl's earned their Religious awards for Girl Scouts.  We attended a wonderful service at the Cathedral.

May brought flowers and a new veggie garden for me.  We had a humongous bounty of tomatoes this year - so many, we were giving them away to family and friends.

In June, Meenie turned 8 and we tye-dyed the heck out of the yard.  We also hosted a big letterboxing event called "Geeks take over the Park.  It was well attended and very geeky! (I'm actually disappointed I didn't write more about this).  Moe broke a window and the kids destroyed my floor.  In under 24 hours.

In July - we took the girls on their first ever camping trip.  it was great!  We coordinated it with a huge letterboxing event (Terrapin Station) - also wicked awesome (again, should have written more about it).

In August Moe burned her feet.  I spared the pictures here, but those on Facebook got to see them.  She was blistered and unable to wear shoes for 2 weeks which resulted in a very quiet end of summer.  Einey ran her second road race.  The end of August should have brought the beggining of school, instead we ended up with 105 HOURS of no power.  Luckily our new camping skills kicked in!

In September, power was restored and the kids headed back to school.  The Big Kid took his in-house final (and passed!) the end was near!  I took the girls on a girls camping weekend.  We went to another awesome letterboxing event (Foraging for Letterboxes).  Moe turned seven.  Einey played  soccer for her school team - our first step away from rec.

In October, we celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary at yet another event (T2's Birthday Bash) and the Big Kid took his NRC exam (it would be weeks before we found out the results).  School was done.  Oh thank the Lord!  We escaped for the weekend to Maine - to frock wih Zombies at OMG Zombe Letterboxing event (again - awesome).

In November we got word the the Big Kid was now licensed by the NRC.  Life finally returned to normal and we could breathe again.

In December, the month fled by.  We caroled on Maine Street, celebrated with family and enjoyed the end of the year.  Einey turned ten (oh my, double digits!)

New Years Eve, the Big Kid worked all night.  The girls and I celebrated with our traditional Chinese dinner movie and games.  Einey and Meenie made it to midnight.  I saw the ball drop too, but only because the woke me.  Moe passed out, but woke up at 3 am asking if it was time yet.

We're not sure what 2012 will bring yet except for more camping and a surprise trip for the girls.

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Stimey said...

Zombie letterboxing? That sounds so fun! I think I am definitely going to get my kids going on letterboxing this year. I think if they get into it, they will love it.