Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Maybe they are looking for their babies"

Driving down the road, I heard "maybe they are looking for their babies" sadly remarked from the backseat of the van. A quick glance out the window told me that, yup, we were driving by one of the 16,532 places in the area that normally house cows. Moe's reasoning for missing cows when they aren't where we can see them is that they are out scouring the woods, in search of their lost little one's.

It's safe to say that Moe has an obsession with cows. Even before we took that tour of the cow farm and saw the calf's birth. She knows every field, every barn and every backyard that houses a cow in the area. She was excited when her dad found a new cow farm. It was a little known road that cuts the farm in half, used so little, there is nothing preventing the cows from crossing the road (and Husband almost hitting one the first time he drove down there). As a special treat, when her siblings are in school, we sometimes take her on a drive to see the cows. We took her to the farm Husband found and parked in the road. As we glance out at the cows, we noticed a calf shakily standing beside it's mother. Still sticky from it's birth moments before.

Her new favorite cow area is where they play "follow the leader". On the way to the park, their is a cow farm. Across the street, is another farm. That farm, has a cow trail leading from the barn, down close to the road and up a hill to greener pastures. Once and only once, we saw the cows, all in a row moving from pasture to barn thus earning the name of the place where the cows play follow the leader.

And so, one this cool winter's morning, the cow's were out looking for their babies.

Apparently it's National Delurking Day, Mrs. Chicky told me. So come on and comment already. Then when your finished, visit Rude Cactus and thank him for declaring it NDD and Greeblemonkey to thanks her for the graphic you see above.


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(I like cows too.)

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Happy (day after) Delurking Day.