Thursday, January 03, 2008

This is the part of winter I hate...

I finally remembered why I dislike January. It's cold. Very cold! It is currently 6 degrees but with the wind chill, it's sub zero. I came down stairs this morning to find the heat dropped to a mere 60 degrees (which in the spring and fall is a great temp!). This usually happens when the mercury falls, the heathers need to work harder to heat more. I cranked the heat up, with hopes to kick the system into over drive. What I need is about 30K to install all new windows in the house. Gotta love a house with wicked old windows that let air in everywhere! And Husband doesn't believe in covering them with plastic (I know tacky, but he doesn't have to sit here all day freezing his buns off) or the gunky clay stuff (that you bead around the windows).

I also changed the air filter with hopes that will help. And most importantly, I fixed the air vent. The one on the floor 2 feet from where i am sitting. The one that collapses all the freakin' time and heats the basement more than the living room. It's fixed for the time being, but I'm sure it will collapse soon. We have forced air heating and this one vent just won't stay up. It's flexible ducts with the insulated tube. I would like to redo (and just this section for now) it to the permanent duct work so at least I can be guaranteed heat in the room we use most often. The room with not only a huge glass window/door to the deck, but also a large picture window. Did I mention the windows leak air?

It was so cold, I briefly thought about letting daughter stay home from school. But then I figured they would drive me nuts, after all, they've only been in school one day so far this week. Bringing her to school gave me an excuse to stop and get coffee!

Stay warm guys and lets hope March comes soon!

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