Monday, December 31, 2007

Confusion Reigns

Einey's best friend is a boy. And as such, since she's gotten to the age of sleepovers, she has been informed that while he may be her best friend, she just cannot sleep over at his house. We just explained that boys sleep at boys houses and girls sleep at girls houses. After much protesting, she finally accepted our terms.

All was fun and dandy until we got th invitation to a New Years Eve, kids sleepover bash. At her other best friend's house. Who also happens to be a boy. We explained our plans and they happily accepted the fact that we were going to have a sleepover and play games and stay up until midnight (or attempt to at least). All the kids are camping in the host kid's bedroom - which is currently divided into "boys against girls" fun. Each gender has it's own side. Until yesterday. As we were talking about the party, she paused and I saw the wheels turning. Then I heard:

"How come I can sleep over at his house and not house?".

She finally accepted that it was because the whole family was spending the night.

So soon, we're off to have tons of fun!

We'll see you next year!


Fairly Odd Mother said...

Belly is having a 'mock sleepever' this year for her birthday, and I told her 'only girls'. Part of this is so I can keep the number of kids to a minimum, part of it is because they are going to do things like paint their fingernails and make friendship bracelets, and part is because I'm not terribly comfortable with promoting a boy-girl sleepover until she is about 35.

Whirlwind said...

Yeah I agree. Einey has already asked for another "special sleepover" with her boy-girl friends. We were only comfortable because it was a family type party and there were a group of kids. And we had planned on spending the night as well (we went home that night though).

Mac and Cheese said...

Grown-ups sure have strange rules.