Monday, December 17, 2007

Ice, Ice Baby

Ice hurts. Or more specifically, what's under ice hurts. Even more specifically, falling down concrete steps because you slipped on ice hurts.

We just had our sand/salt bucket filled after the snowstorm last Friday. And we used all of it on the driveway under the cars so they would be able to get out in the morning. Unfortunately, we had none left for the stairs. And just my luck, leaving this morning to pick up Meenie from school, I slipped and hit three of them on the way down. Luckily, Moe didn't fall. And then, after walking out the door with Meenie, we both fell. Not fun.

When I picked Einey up from school, they warned us about the ice in the parking lot. The whole lot is like an ice rink! The teacher on car duty was going to complain after we left. She said if it was still like that in the morning, to call and complain. It's just not safe.

I found some kitty litter(don't ask why I have kitty litter if I've never ever owned a cat) in the basement and used it to cover the stairs and the front walk so the mailman didn't fall. It seems the have worked.

Now to get more sand/salt before it snows again.

Edit: 4:30 PM Yah! I have more sand/salt. Thanks Dad!

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