Saturday, December 01, 2007

Emergency Surgery

This morning I performed my first ever emergency surgery.

You see, Squeaky the Elephant, encountered some trouble which resulted in a split back. As he lay on the side of the computer desk, with stuffing slowly falling out and his beedy black eyes watching me, I realized, it was bettr for him if I ended the suffering. Normally I would wait until I met up with the master surgeon, but with the holidays and all, I knew he would be suffering for a long long time.

With a steady hand, I cradled Squeaky in one hand and with the other, carefully stitched his back together. It's not perfect, and he'll always bare the light green scar against his light gray skin, but in the end he was very happy.

Meenie, Squeaky's handler, was very happy. As I wrapped him in a pink ribbon tourniquet, she gently took him from my arms and is now helping him rest comfortably on the sofa.

As my surgery schedule picks up (and I'm sure it will now that they know surgeries can be performed at home rather then away, I am sure my technique will improve. And I'm sure that eventually, I will be able to match their skin color to stiching material, minimalizing the scarring.

But for now, they are happy.

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