Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Time for Christmas

Time we were awoken Christmas morning 6:00 am. No not, by the sound of kids discovering the plethora of toys under the tree. We were awoken by sounds on the roof. Uh huh. Yup. Again.

6:30 am - The time the kids woke up for the day

8:00 am - When they were finished opening their gifts.

8:30 am - Time that I opened my new camera

8:40 am - Time that I realized that I hate* my new camera.

How long it took us to lose our first toy - 10 minutes

Amount of time it took to remove toys from packaging - 1 plus hours

Time Christmas dinner was supposed to be ready - 2:30 pm.

Time we we actaully sat down to eat - 3:30pm

Amount of time it took from opening new presents until we threatened Moe that Santa would be back to take the toys back - 7.5 hours.

Time spent with family - 4 days and counting....

Merry Christmas and enjoy your time together today!

*Possibly, I am going to try playing with it some more, but I think it may get returned.


Fairly Odd Mother said...

The kids woke us up at 7 and were done opening gifts before 8:30. It was crazy! I love their excitement, though--it is contagious.

Hope things work out with your new camera.

dee said...

what camera?