Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Psst. Wanna know something?

My girls are blabber mouths! Every year, we take them out and let them pick out gifts for their siblings and parents (Husband takes them to shop for me, and I take them to shop for him). So far, the two little one's have spilled the beans.

Meenie to Moe: "I got you puppy in my pockets with a bracelet"
Meenie to Einey "I got you Pokemon cards with Cradaily and Roserade"

After shopping with with daddy yesterday:
Moe to Meenie "I got you a penguin" (which in fact she did but it wasn't a Christmas gift)
and then signing in the other room "We got Mommy socks and".................. shhh don't tell me!

Every time they open their mouths, I need to remind them NOT to tell what they brought someone. I think i need to start walking around with my fingers in my ears saying "lalalalalalala"!


Yesterday UPS pulled up in front of the house (not unusual since I did alot of shopping online and I am still waiting for at least 3 more packages). Only I couldn't identify what was in the box. I mean the box was HUGE and the items I ordered were small. They shipped this:

Inside a box like this:

A little bit of overkill, no?


Speaking of Christmas and gifts, don't forget to visit the New England Mama's blog for your chance to win some great prizes! Some are from New England vendor's such as Little New Englander, Brooks Pond, and Yellowhale Photography. I wish they had (or I knew about) that Brooks Pond baby carrier cover when I had the girls. I would always slip one of Husband's sweaters over whichever girl was in the front pack at the time. It made getting out in the spring and fall much easier! And the Little New Englander tee-shirts are great! The girls love walking around in their Virginia Beach shirts, so why not a local shirt. Finding a children's photographer is hard. I have a hard time finding one who fits our families need. But Yellowhale Photography does amazing work. Just browse through their gallery to check. Other prizes include a gift certificate to Sephora, a set of sacks from Envirosax (these are truly an amazing product - and they really do hold alot. So far, I have managed to fit almost everything inside of them), some gift certificates to Dunkin Donuts, Digital Day Counters from Days Ago, some HP photo books, A homemade Christmas Ornament made by our Maine blogger, MomonCoffee (do you take order's because Husband thought they were cool!) and a diaper bag by Skip Hop.

Make sure you visit and sign up for the contest. Contest ends 12/8! Be sure to tell them Whirlwind sent you!


Life As I Know It said...

Ugh, I hate when they waste a huge box on shipping a small item.

My kid always spills the beans too, although he is getting better!

Loralee Choate said...

I'm the blabber mouth in my family.
I'm 33.


Very, very sad.


Mom on Coffee said...

I would totally take orders! Email me at momoncoffee@gmail.com and I'll send you details.

SciFi Dad said...

Woah. That's pretty bad.

Thanks for sharing.