Friday, December 28, 2007

We survived

We survived Christmas and it's aftermath. I swear, if I have to un-box, un-wrap, un-tape and un-twisty tie another toy any time soon, I may go bonkers! Most of the gifts the girls got were locked up tighter than Fort Knox! Do toys really need that much excess packaging?

Husband looked at the dizzying array of toys (in their packages) and was wondering when we were going to start building another play room to house them all. Once they were all un-packaged, they fit nicely in their
proper baskets / on their shelf. Nice and neat!

Wednesday the girls went to see Waterhorse with a friend. It was daddy's day out. Moe and I hung out with the mom and little sister of the friend. We basically hung out at the McDonald's play place for an hour. First time I've done that and Moe had a blast! Waterhorse was apparently good, but not necessarily a kids movie (it's PG). I guess there were a few scene's that scared the girls.

This morning we spent an hour at the local pet store for a "field trip". The girls got to hold all types of animals. Einey has decided she wants more lizards as well as a snake and a hamster. Moe wants fish. Then we went to a pizza / movie lunch at friend's house before relaxing for the afternoon at home. Then we had community service parental volunteer hours at the girls school for a basketball tournament. It's part of the agreement with her doing pep squad - each parent has to volunteer. Luckily, it also goes towards our yearly required volunteer hours! The girls were real good hanging out in the cafeteria area where the concessions were while I manned the admissions area. They did of course devour copious amounts of popcorn, water and candy.

Tomorrow brings a trip to the craft store to pick up make your own party hats and tee shirts for the New Years Eve Kids Bash we are going to and roller skating in the afternoon. And Sunday brings a birthday party. I think I need a vacation from this winter break! Actually, I can't complain as we've basically lounged around the last few days!


Fairly Odd Mother said...

Yeah, what is with the way they tie every little toy into the box? Geesh!

And, we had a jam-packed schedule until my oldest came down with hand-foot-mouth virus and everything has come to a screeching halt. Oh well. It gives me time to get those toys out of their boxes.

Whirlwind said...

Getting sick can sometimes be a blessing. It gets you to slow down and enjoy the things around you!

slouching mom said...

yep. i think i'm getting close to ready for this break to end, as fun as it's been. i'm running out of energy, lol!

Lisa said...

I agree that the winter break is exhausting. I need a construction dumpster to keep up with the messes my kids generate!