Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Wii Crazy

Santa was going to bring a Wii. Then he wasn't. Now at the last minute, he decided he wants to.

I don't know what, except for temporary insanity, propelled me to try to find one this morning.

8:30 am Dropped Einey and Meenie off at school

8:50 am Stopped at GameSpot to check and see if they got any Wii's in (wishfull thinking!). There were three people waiting.

9:05 am Went inside. Found out they had a shipment due that morning and they usually arrive around 10 am. Decided to wait - hey I'm the fourth person here, I should be lucky!

9:07 am Moe declares she needs to potty. I initiate a game of I-Spy.

9:30 am Moe is hungry. I pull out a granola bar (not sure when I put it in my purse, but it was there). More people filter in and join the group.

10:00 am Moe is a little antsy. She's wandering around, looking at game boxes, playing the display games.

10:16 am Still no UPS. I decide to wait a bit longer.

10:30 am Moe and I are sitting on the floor coloring.

10:45 am I decide to wait until 11:05 so I can make it back to pick Meenie up.

11:05 am UPS pulls up into the plaza. I wait. I'm not getting this close only to leave.

11:15 am Truck pulls up to the store. Unloads in the back.

11:20 am Store Employee walks out. They have three Wii's.

Did I mention I was fourth in line?

Store employee does tell Moe and I we can come back two other days they are expecting shipments in. Um thanks but no thanks, Moe would probably not behave as well.

11:38 am Arrive at school a tad late to get Meenie.

11:45 am Stop at McDonald's to reward Moe for behaving so well!

It's not that big of a deal, especially since we initially decided to wait. Waiting until later in the year really isn't going to be so bad. Really.

Edit: Day 2 - 15 minutes in line, #3 in line, 3 Wii's. One was needed to replace a defective one.

Day 3 - 1hour, 30 minutes, #4 in line, 3 Wii's. Not in the cards. We'll wait awhile! At least that's $250 + ( plus for all the games/accesories I'd buy) I still have.


Mac and Cheese said...

Three frickin' Wii's! What is wrong with that company?

slouching mom said...

Still. What a pain, after waiting half of the morning!