Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Wish

"For Christmas, I would like to spend time with my whole family." ~Einey

Einey got her Christmas wish. Originally, this weekend was to be filled with spending the holidays with my extended family and then a Christmas party and caroling with friends. But then Moe got sick. She has had this nasty cough (croup?) for a few days and hadn't been sleeping. The end of the week, it was also accompanied by a fever. Now all that lingers is a cough, but it's enough to keep us home together.

Einey, Meenie and I still made the trip to visit our family (the gathering was originally scheduled for our abode, but last minute scrambling led us to my sister's house), drop off the gifts we brought and to pick up their gifts. We stayed for a bit and Einey and Meenie opened their Christmas presents with their cousins. Einey also opened her birthday gifts.

There are a few duplicates which will need to be exchanged after the New Year (it's not worth fighting the crowds!) but for the most part, they got plenty of fun toys. I didn't ban all things Made in China because some of their favorite toys are from there. We will just keep an eye on the consumer reports and toss what needs to be tossed.

Husband took one look at the bags of stuff I carted back into the house and shook his head. They outdid it again I see. Where are we going to put all that stuff? But once it was out of it's ridiculous packaging, it all fit nicely in the designated bins in the playroom. In fact, their is plenty of room to spare for the new toys Santa is bringing!

On a side note, I found Area 51.

That is what I saw when I walked down into the living room the other day. The kids couldn't understand the humor I found in the sign.

P.S. I'm not sure what's up with my header. It keeps changing so I think it has something to do with blogger. I'm going to leave it for a few days and see if it rights itself. It looks a little better today than it has the last few days.

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