Sunday, February 03, 2008

Superbowl Fever

Yeah Yeah, I know, another superbowl post...

Superbowl fever has hit this house hard. The surprising part? It's from the under 3 foot tall crowd. We're not a very sports family. Sure, we enjoy playing sports and watching, just not on TV. We'd take a farm league, high school, middle school or even kiddy league game in person over any (well most any) game on TV any day.

So I have been getting a chuckle out of "Patriots this and Patriots that" coming out of their little mouths this morning. Frankly, I was surprised they knew about the Patriots let alone knew it was football. Meenie has it in her mind that we are going to watch the Patriots play tonight. I had no plans to but maybe I'll let them watch for a few.

This morning, I had to search for Pats gear for the kids for school. They have a dress down day tomorrow that's tied into their favorite Superbowl team and they have to wear their team colors. Of course, most things were sold out. I did manage to grab two adult small sweatshirts (I know, I know) which are only slightly too big. I just need to cuff the sleeves alot to make them fit. Once the Pats win tonight, I know there are going to be Championship Tees everywhere, so I may just make Husband stop on the way home from work in the morning to grab a few tees that actually fit them for school.

So yeah, Go Pats.

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