Thursday, July 02, 2009

And the rain came tumbling down

It has now effectively rained for 948 years, since the dawn of time 32 days in a row (minus one or two days thrown in to try and keep us sane). So by my calculations, I should have built an ark and the rain will stop in about 8 days. Right? RIGHT? I mean, it has to stop sometime.

Because that's how I feel!

I want more of this:

And less thunder and rain. It's not fun hiking in the rain!

Heck, I'm embedding the Wiggles into my posts now (we haven't listened or watched the Wiggles in almost four years!). I must be losing it!

1 comment:

AnnetteK said...

Seriously, I can't take the rain anymore! And yeah, you must be bad off if you're embedding the wiggles!