Wednesday, November 21, 2007


This morning was full of mischief. Thankfully, not the messy kind. It started off like most mornings, the girls waking up, using the bathroom and getting themselves dressed followed by going downstairs to watch TV while I wake myself up (read, lie in bed for a bit longer...). Only this morning, the phone rang so the girls answered it. I heard Einey tell her Mema "Mommy's still in bed, so I'm in charge". A few minutes later when I went downstairs and they were still talking, I heard her again say I was upstairs.

After that, since it was still early, they asked if they could watch a movie before school. After telling them they could, Meenie hands me "Life with Brian" and informs me she'd like to watch that since they haven't watched it before.

After convincing them they'd rather watch TMBG: Here comes the ABC's , I heard Einey forcing her sisters to sit down and repeat after TMBG so they could learn their ABC's. I believe her exact quote was "You're going to sit down and learn your ABC's. Now repeat after them. Do it now." This all came along after Einey heard Meenie reciting her ABC's only saying k, k instead of j,k. One little letter....

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