Thursday, March 13, 2008

Springy Surprises

We spent 2 straight hours outside after school today. We haven't done that in forever. The girls fought played while I scooped 3 months worth of dog crap and then raked the play yard. I left the leaves around the plants and that's it. While poking around, I found these growing under the stairs. While I'll leave the mums or whatever they are, I will have to dig up the thistle. While it's nice to look at, its in a highly trafficed area and I'd hate for anyone to get picked by it.

And these? I forgot I threw a bunch of bulbs in the ground on this part of the fence. It was a very pleseant surprise and I can't wait to see them all the way up.

Happy spring! And if your in New England, take these wonderful days when you can, you never know when the next one will be!


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1 comment:

Karen said...

you are brave. I can't bring myself to rake. I keep thinking of all the snow that might come back. Almost April, almost spring for sure. I'm just chicken.