Monday, August 10, 2009

More Moe-isms

During dinner conversation, Moe asked me the other day "Mom, are you going to be dead when I'm a teenager?" When I replied that I hoped not, she said "oh, no, your just going to be really, really old. I forgot". Please keep in mind that Moe is almost 5 and I am 29. So in 8 years, I'm pretty sure I won't be that old.


We went to Mass the other night before heading over the the annual church bazaar. We arrived early and were waiting for the Mass to start. Moe turned and asks me "Where is that guy that is supposed to be up there?" Um, you mean the priest? "yeah" We're early, he'll come out in a few minutes. A few minutes later, the priest comes out. Moe turn to me and asks "Who is that guy? Where is Father L or Father J?" That's Father J., just not your Father J. "There are Two Father J's?" Yup, There is Father L, Father J and the other Father J, Father Jo and Father T.

Now this was not the first time we've been to Mass with a different priest, so I'm not sure why she thought there were only two of them. the only conclusion I can come to is she is used to Father L fro our old church and Father J because he visits school and always talks to her.


Clink said...

Stop aging her...she won't be 5 until next month.

Whirlwind said...

Okay, okay, so 8 years and 1 month.....