Friday, August 14, 2009

I survived

After vowing never again to take my girls shoe shopping alone, I in fact did just that, and survived! I had to run to Target this morning for a few things and then my plan was to head over to Olympia for cleats (never made it) and then Famous Footwear.

Instead, we found ourselves browsing the shoe aisle at Target and the girls not only found things they liked, but things that fit. So instead of paying $30-$40 per pair of shoes, I spent $15 -$20. Each girl got a pair of sneakers and dress shoes for school. Which I hope pass the requirements because while black or brown, they have purple and pink in them. And Einey picked out skate shoes for sneakers. I may have to go get her another pair of sneakers for gym, but we'll see what they say first.

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Super Mega Dad said...

I didn't even think about Target for shoes! I was going to go to Payless Shoes tomorrow for school shoes...they are having a Buy One-Get One Half Off sale. Maybe I'll try out our brand new Super Target. I've been trying to come up with an excuse to go there! Thanks for the idea!