Friday, August 01, 2008

Shoes, oh my!

Today I got the brilliant idea to take the girls school shoe shopping. OMG, what a freaking mistake that was. I figured, we'd go in, they'd find something and we'd be done (we've always done that in the past). I didn't of course, think they'd take off in different directions. I didn't account for Moe wanting to pull every box of shoe randomly off the shelf and try them on. I didn't think that they'd try on these. Or these. Or these. Or these. Or these. Or these. Before finally settling on these, these and these. I didn't even get to the dress shoes, we were worn out by that time. I did want a certain pair for Moe, but they didn't have them (I should have gotten them last week, but I would have gotten the wrong size). They also didn't have these. Or these. Or these. Or these. Or these. Or these. Which is probably a good thing.

Oh and sizes, it took three pairs each before finding the right sizes - 10, 12 and 13.

Next time, I take reinforcements!


"Addy" said...

Oh my, you did have a tough time of it! Luckiy my 5.5 year old son, isn't fussy.....YET!

Karen said...

yes, I can only take mine one at a time. It's just to painful otherwise. I'm not sure why they find it so excruciating, but I remember hating it when I was little.

Amy said...

Holy crap. I would have sat down in the middle of the show department and begged someone to buy me a coffee. For real.

Buddha is VERY into shoes right now. The last time I took him for some new hiking sandals, we were shopping for over an hour in ONE store. He just loves trying on shoes as well as picking out pairs for me. I looked like a hooker playing suburban mommy with several of the pairs he picked out.

I am a Tornado ~ proven fact! said...

That is so very funny! My girls are exactly the same way!

My sister took them shoes-shopping once saying that I wasn't doing my motherly duties - she came back and said she would NEVER do that again!

It's not that my girls aren't 'into' shoes; they LOVE shoes, but they only like sandals, hate sneakers, and if it doesn't have sparkles or lights or some other awful tackiness about them - they won't even consider them!

They are not allowed to wear sandals to school - my oldest has 3 new pair for school; the youngest - NOTHING! She wore ONE pair last year - everyday! I don't know what we will do for gym days! UGH!