Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

I would just like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

This year, I am going to try to keep things simple. I resolve to not join every committee that comes my way. I'll help out if needed, but not every one. I also plan on keeping activities down to a minimum and staying home more often. Things just got way to stressful around here the last month or so. And even though I made this resolution last year (and it worked, kind of) there is just more things that need to go!

My other goal is to exercise more and eat better. Who doesn't have this resolution?

As for the girls, they are too young to make their own resolutions, so I am going to make them for them!


I would like her to help out a bit more around the house (although she does a pretty good job already). The big goal for her would be to be a little more kind to her sisters.


Her goal is to not get frustrated so easily. I know it's hard, but she just needs to chill! Her other goal is to wear just one outfit a day. I am tired of constantly washing her clothes because she feels the need to change 10 times a day and I never know what's clean and what's dirty. Socks also need to be put in the basket when they get taken off because we have a serious lack of socks around here lately. Its a good thing Santa brought some new one's because it gets awfully cold out without socks!


Where to start? Let's see, Moe needs to be nicer to her sisters and friends. No more pushing on the playground, pulling hair or pinching. She also needs to try not to get into everything (I know it's hard, but it's wearing on us!). Finding one place to sit at the table and actually staying there the whole meal would be a plus. Moe needs to find a heaping pile of patience around somewhere. I'm sure its out there, we just need to find it! And last but not least, she needs to learn to deal with others making the decisions. I mean, it is so hard to reason with a two year old when all they want to wear is "Dora unies" and there are no Dora undies clean. You just need to deal with it and wear the puppy undies instead!

Have a safe and happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

364 More Days

Christmas 2006 is over.

Five straight days of Christmas Parties.

The first two were pretty tame. One being the annual Christmas party of the playgroup I've been bringing my kids to since they were born. The second being Einey's class Christmas show and party. The kids dressed up as Christmas trees and added ornaments as they sang songs relating to the item (a star was added as they sang "Oh Little Star of Bethlehem", a baby Jesus was added as the sang "Away in a manger", ect). They had stockings hung by the stage, filled with goodies. And except for Moe opening the doors of the gym and running down the hallway about 20 times, it was a very relaxing event! Unfortunately, Husband had to work, so he couldn't come to her holiday show.

On Saturday, the day we were supposed to go to the zoo, I mean, my parent's house, Einey got sick and had to stay home with the Husband. So I got to drag the younger two to Grandma's where they were going to take their presents home to open with their sister. Instead, they got corralled into the room, already filled to the max and were handed present after present. Many presents and snacks later, we were on our way back home.

Sunday we got up early to start cooking our Christmas dinner. His parents came over and we open presents with them., Only they didn't bring all the gifts, which meant we still had to go over their on Christmas day and completely negated the Christmas Eve idea we had planned. Off the church (early to get a seat) and then it was home, where we sprinkled reindeer food in the yard. The kids went to bed and then Santa came.

Monday morning was utter chaos. Einey was under the tree passing out the gifts to everyone. Now that she can read, she elected herself the present passer-outer (the most converted job in our house growing up). But we got gifts opened and then had a late breakfest. I wanted to spend the day in my pajamas, but I had to get dressed to take the kids over to grandma's house (again). So when Husband left for work, we headed across town to Grandma's house. Where we had dinner and the kids opened more presents.

It was nice, but next year, I think I am staying home for Christmas! Holidays just are not the same with out your significant other to spend it with!

The kids woke up this morning and dashed to the tree. They were wondering where the rest of the presents were! Before bed tonight, they reminded me to put out some more milk and cookie. Thankfully, the big guy comes only once a year!

One Whole Week

For one whole week, I have nothing planned to do. I can sleep late (well as late as the girls will let me), stay in my pajama's all day if I want, and basically do nothing! It is the first time in almost 5 years where I have this much free time and I love it! Usually we have something to do - school, dance, playgroups - but everyone took a vacation week this week.

It is nice to just sit here and play with the girls. They are really enjoying the new toys that Santa brought. In fact, the TV has hardly been on in the last 3 days!

Of course, it would be nicer if Husband wasn't working this week, but you can't have everything! And he only has to work two more nights now.

The only day we have plans is Friday, which is when Einey is having her birthday party for her friends. And that only takes up a 2 hour block of time.

So, I'm going to grab a cup of coffee and a book and try to read a bit while they are playing quietly.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone.

Wishing you all a safe and love filled holiday.

Happy Birthday Einey!

Five years ago, giving birth was the last thing on my mind. I was looking forward to spending what would be the last Christmas as just a married couple with the Husband, sleeping in and visiting family.

Einey had other plans. She wanted out! Due on January 21st, when I awoke Christmas morning to my water breaking, lets just say, I was in shock and no way ready to be a mom yet. There was too much to do. In fact, I was in denial. I woke up around 8:00 am when my water broke. I went to the bathroom and then crawled back into bed. About 10 minutes later, after realizing what actually happened, I woke Husband up. he felt the need to take a shower and putz around before bringing me to the hospital. My contractions started around 9:30 when we arrived at the hospital. Since my water broke, I was automatically admitted. We spent the day progressing and at 3:47 pm after only 45 minutes of hard labor, a 6 pound 8 ounce, 21 inch long Einey was born. She had to be taken to the NICU for the first 12 hours due to some breathing issues which I believe were due to her being born early. But everything corrected on its own. She was admitted back to the hospital on New Years Eve due to Jaundice. Nursing was not at all what I expected and I only nursed her for 6 weeks. If only I knew back then what I know now!

She has grown so much in these past five years. She is on the small side for her age and the youngest in her kindergarten class, but that doesn't stop her. She is beginning to read and loves to read to me before bed. She is counting and telling time, tying her shoes and getting dressed on her own. There are so many ways that she doesn't need me anyway, but she still loves to take time and snuggle.

She loves taking jazz, tap and ballet lessons as well as playing soccer and swimming. She loves singing and video games. She loves trying new things and isn't afraid of doing things on her own.

Happy Birthday Einey! I hope all your birthdays are full of love and happiness. Keep smiling and don't be afraid to try new things!

Love Mommy!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Letters to Santa.

Dear Santa,

I figure that I am probably on your naughty list (at least that’s what Mommy and Daddy tell me anyway) but I want you to know, I am only naughty 50% of the time. So it’s only fair that I get 50% of my max present allowance. I really can be quite nice.

I try to share my half chewed food, but usually there are no takers. And juice cups? No one wants those either after I’ve drank from them. I even shared my cold with my sister this week!

The whole pushing my friends thing? Well, I’ve gotten better. I don’t push ALL my friends now, just some of them. And really, I only push the ones who don’t push me back or who cry. I don’t know why, but it gets more of a reaction from Mommy and who doesn’t like a little more attention?

The getting into stuff constantly is a little overrated. Mommy and Daddy tend to over exaggerate! I mean, isn’t that what 2 year olds are supposed to do? I think it’s in the manual. Right there after feed the dog my vegetables. So I’m only doing what I am supposed to be doing. It shouldn’t count against me. In fact, I should get a bonus!

Now down to business.

For Christmas I would like:

Some more of those Frisbee's’s. You know, the small round ones with the hole in the middle. The one’s Mommy and Daddy hide behind the TV. They come in those rectangular boxes. I really like to play with those. And Mommy and Daddy said they aren’t going to buy anymore if I keep breaking them. So its up to you big guy, to bring them to me!

I would also like some more dolly’s. I mean, who can have enough dolly’s, right? SO what if I have more doll’s than I know what to do with. Or if I don’t play with most of them. I still like them. And who doesn’t want a baby to love.

Lastly, I’d like some more of those little glass balls my sisters play with. The one’s Mommy calls a “choking hazard”. They are so, so pretty. And I like the way they feel in my mouth, so cool on my tongue. Mommy doesn’t let me play with them because they are not mine, but if I had some of my own, she’d have to let me play with them, right?

I will leave you some milk and cookies right next to the fireplace. Don’t forget to look at my list before you leave, to make sure you don’t forget anything!


Dear Santa,

I have been pretty good lately. Mommy and Daddy said I’ve calmed down as I’ve gotten older. Besides being a bit loud, I share my toys and always try to think of others. I wait my turn (sometimes) and am getting much better at following directions.

I have a few questions for you though.

1). How can you fly? I mean, I know it’s magic but still?
2) How can you be so quiet? Really, I’d like to know because you see, I am really loud most of the time and need to learn how to be quiet.
3) How are you going to come in? I mean, I know you are supposed to come down the chimney, but Mommy and Daddy have it stuffed. Are you SURE you’ll be able to get in?4). Why can’t I stay up and see you? I’d really like to meet you!

Okay, now here is what I would like for Christmas.

I would like some Barbie dolls. And not those Bratz imposter's, I want real Barbie’s!. If you can’t bring me a Barbie, I really like Polly Pockets. In fact, skip the Barbie’s and bring me some Polly’s! Please.

I really like Strawberry Shortcake, but if you’ve been watching me, you should know that.

Hey wait a minute, if you ARE watching me all the time like Mommy and Daddy says, why am I telling you what I want? You should know what I like by now and what I want, I mean you do see me tell Mommy what I want at the store, right?

Forget the letter, this is all in your hands now.


Dear Santa,

I’ve been very good this year. My teacher says I am doing very good at school too.

Since it’s my birthday, I guess I get something extra right?

I would like some Littlest Pet Shop stuff, Hide and Seek Hailey, Moon Sand, My Little Ponies (I really want the castle), a Doll house and some Barbies. I also like the 12 Dancing Princess stuff, Fairies and DVD’s. Mommy and Daddy gave me a Game Boy Advance, so I would really like some games to go with it.

As I already told Doolie the Elf, I would like a kitchen set (even though Mommy said I already have one in my bedroom). I just want a new one. Mine is really ancient. I mean, after all, it was Mommy’s when she was my age and she is so old. So, please bring me a new one. I know mommy won’t mind.

We are going to sprinkle some Reindeer Food outside so that your reindeer won’t get hungry waiting for you. We will leave you some milk and cookies too. Mommy did a lot of baking this week. And boy are those cookies good. I hope you like them.


Saturday, December 23, 2006

On the First Day of Christmas Break....

" classmates gave to me, a rotovirus in my tummy" as sung by Einey (well if she was feeling well enough to sing).

Her first school vacation ever and she starts it with the dreaded stomach bug. But it was bound to happen. All of the rest of us have had it at some point over the last week. And she came home from school saying "Mom, guess what happened in school today! C. puked near the cubbies this morning". Of course that was followed by her telling us how she and the other kids were commenting on this incident. I am amazed that she made it this far without getting sick. I expected her to catch every bug as it goes around. After all, I have been led to believe that my choice to not send my kids to preschool would prove to inflict a weak immune system on them for all eternity.

On the downside, she missed spending Christmas at Grandma's with her cousins. I brought her sisters there to drop off gifts and bring our gifts back. So she was happy t oat least get to open some gifts today.

On the plus side, she received a BIG balloon bouquet from her best friend for her birthday (Thanks MMR&H!) while we were gone.

And since this virus seems to be one of the fast moving 24 hour bugs, she should be feeling much better by the time Santa comes!

Now to see if Moe catches it (we are unsure whether or not she has had it with the rest of us).

Monday, December 18, 2006

The Weird just get Weirder....

For the last month, there has been a deceased cat residing in front of my house. It was not ours nor do we know who it belonged to. It was not something I was going to dispose of either (I was silently praying for snow with hopes that a plow would move it to parts unknown).

I had a friend who called one day upset, thinking it was our cat out there.

Anyway, today, I was walking through the house and happened to see a guy out in front with a shovel and a plastic bag from a local supermarket. He scooped up the cat and walked across the street. Thinking it was one of the neighbors who got sick of seeing it and decided to do a good deed and dispose of it, I watched him walk away. Only he walked all the way down the street and around the corner out of site.

I can only hope that it was this poor guys pet and he was going to dispose of it and that it wasn't dinner (around here, you never know)!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Five things you may or may not know about.....

I was tagged by Jennifer at Everybody Loves Raymond.


1. I met my husband (and started dating him) when I was 14. He was 17. We got married 4 years later.

2. In high school, I was Salutatorian of my graduating class, and captain of the Cheerleading squad.

3. I have a degree in Early Childhood Education.

4. I have never had a full time job. Ever. Unless you count the 2 months I was a summer camp counselor.

5. I have no clue what I want to be when I grow up.


1. She was born on Christmas Day. And is the youngest child in her kindergarten class.

2. She loves bugs. She is constantly looking under logs and digging in the dirt for them.

3. She started playing soccer when she was 3 and loves it! She also takes a combination Jazz/Tap/Ballet class.

4. She wears glasses.

5. She has more friends who are boys than she does that are girls (just like Mom). And she already knows who she wants to marry.


1. She was hospitalized with Viral Encephalitis over the summer. She is completely recovered now.

2. She cannot look at anything without touching it.

3. She was a miserable, cranky baby. But now loves to laugh. Especially if she (or one of her sisters) is doing something wrong.

4. She is a girly-girl. She loves dolls and dress-up.

5. She is almost the same height as her older sister (18 months older) and has already surpassed her in weight.


1. She is a bully. In any social situation, she loves to push her friends, especially if she knows it will make them cry. I think she loves getting a reaction.

2. She didn’t talk much until she turned two. Now I can’t get her to stop talking.

3. She loves cows. We even saw one being birthed.

4. She can find her way our of anything. There is no cage strong enough to hold her.

5. She loves to pretend to be a baby. She doesn’t like to share Mommy with her sisters and if she sees another child being held, she whines to be picked up. She absolutely hates it if I hold another child.

Now I tag Kristen and her boys, Bryce and Quinn and Mom-101 and Thalia.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Too Much to Do, Too Little Time

Lately I wonder why I am stressed out all the time. I feel like I have no time for anything and too much to do. I am, unfortunately, a perfectionist at heart. I have little patience and tend to do things myself if I think it will take to long for other to do. These are habits I have been forcing myself to surpress (and think I am doing okay at it).

I know I tend to over schedule things (hence my blog title, because that’s what things tend to be, a whirlwind of activity) and have also been trying not to. Last January, I really reevaluated my schedule when I realized I was going to play dates for 20 minutes before jetting to ballet class. It’s just not worth the hassle. And up until now, I feel like I was keeping a close reign on my schedule. The girls can play soccer but not take dance until the season is done (that sort of thing). Then this week happened!

Monday – I went to work. Came home, made supper, did the dishes and started some laundry.

Tuesday – Nothing exciting except cleaning the house in anticipation for a home inspection for the insurance company in the early afternoon. Then 20 minutes before the inspection, Husband cuts his finger open warranting an unexpected trip to the ER to get 5 stitches. Home only to split up and go Xmas shopping. I got Moe. He got Einey, Meenie and his Mom. Note to self: Call and reschedule inspection.

Wednesday – Drop Einey off at school (was almost late as I couldn’t find the keys to the Van- Husband had it last- and needed to put the carseat back in the van. Hurried up and brought Meenie to Ballet/Tap class. While she’s at class, ran to the Dollar Store. Ran back to pick up Meenie (was 5 minutes late, the class runs 45 minutes). Go home and sat for about ½ hour. Then it was off to the Post Office where Husband mailed some items he painted back to their owners and I mailed out the Xmas Cards (finished with Holiday Letter, no pictures) and Birthday Party Invitations. Then off to drop Husband’s car off for an oil change. Went to BJ’s and did a big stock up shopping. Dropped Husband off to pick up car and headed home. Unloaded van and headed straight over to pick up Einey. The over to Big Y to pick up a few extra things. Home to put the food away, do dishes and make pizza for supper. After dinner, we will be heading to my hometown 15 minutes away to make Gingerbread houses at the Library (sorry Jen, it was last minute or I would have let you know we would be in town). The kids napped in the car and had fruity Cheerio’s, Polly-O string cheese, pretzels and Peach Nectar for lunch (Mom didn’t eat). Note to self: Make appointment in January to have pictures done.

Thursday- No school for Einey as it’s Parent Teacher Conference Day (ours is at 2:30). I was supposed to go to breakfast with friends in the morning, but I am going to bail (sorry Binky, but I need a breather!). Drop kids off at grandma’s so we can go to the conference. Then head over to a friend’s house for a craft. And husband starts his week of nights.

Friday - Drop Einey off at school and then I have about an hour before I have a meeting and Holiday Party. Then my van has an appointment for an oil change. Which is at lunch/nap time and then hope I get back to pick up Einey from school on time. Then it’s off to an hour and forty-five minute ballet/tap/jazz class. I think i am going to reschedule the oil change for a later date!

Saturday – Nothing

SundayBreakfest with Santa and then a Birthday Party (to which I may skip, haven’t decided yet).

Uggh and I wonder why I am always stressed out.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Peace and Quiet

I have been enjoying the last hour alone. Peace and quiet at last! Husband took Einey and Meenie out Christmas shopping. Moe and I went and did a little shopping ourselves, came home and Moe went to bed. I can't remember the last time I had complete silence in around me.

It's a bit.....eerie!

I have been working on a header for my blog but cannot seem to insert it right. I've had to revert to my last saved template many times!


After a fall with above normal temperatures, I was excited to look outside this morning and see:

Friday, December 01, 2006

That time of Year

It's that time of year again. Time to take out the Christmas Decorations. Mail out the Cards. Go shopping. Bake. And write Christmas Lists.

I asked husband if he wanted to take out the Christmas decorations tonight but he wants to wait. As long as possible. He thinks with Moe in the house, they would last for about 5 seconds before she pulls them down or knocks them over. I just want to decorate. We already decided that we will be using just paper decorations on the tree this year as we don't want her to break all of the glass ones.

Christmas Cards. Well I wanted to have those out already, but the design is still on my computer waiting to be approved by husband and printed. The picture of the girls (and us) has not been taken. And the holiday letter is still floating around in my head. On the plus side, the envelopes are addressed and stamped!

Shopping? Haven't even started. Those of you who know me, know I am usually done by September and have most things wrapped at this point. This year? I still don't even know when I can find time to go shopping!

The baking will get started soon. That usually happens frequently throughout the season, so I'm not worried about that getting done.

And Christmas Lists? Ughh! That has to be the hardest thing this year? What do you buy kids who have everything? We seriously have a playroom that we have been secretly weeding out toys for the past year and you would never be able to tell. We have a whole room devoted to toys, with a full wall of built in shelves. And then more shelves and bins. And then of course, they have toys in their rooms. On shelves and under their beds. There are toys in the basement and van. We have toys everywhere! We are at a point where they don't need clothes. Moe has clothes in her closet that she got for her birthday that we don't have room for. I can skip doing their laundry for two weeks and if it weren't for socks and underwear, you'd never know by looking in their room. My family has been hounding me for lists for weeks now. And his family has started in too now.

Feliz Navidad!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Moe Does it Again

By now, I am convinced that Moe is half cat, although she has far exceeded 9 lives and she only recently turned two. Or she has a guardian angel looking out for her. Either way, I know one of these days she's not going to be so lucky.

Today, we stopped at the local coffee shop after ballet. The one the girls like because they serve them milk in little coffee cups. The girls had to go to the bathroom, so we trudged down the antique laden hallway to the bathroom that is in the midst of being redone. Both girls went to the bathroom, had their clothes put back on and I was just finishing washing Meanie's hands. Five more seconds and we would have been out the door and heading back to finish our drinks and snacks.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Moe start to back up and scream. Before I could react, the 7 foot tall mirror that was leaning on the wall came tumbling over sending her falling backwards and crashing over her little body. The crash echoed like thunder and caused all three of us to scream. In seconds I scooped her up, tossing the broken mirror to the side. We made it back down to the coffee shop with Moe crying, tears streaming down her face and me just shaking. As we washed her off, I was glad to see the only wounds were a few superficial cuts to her hands and cheek. I called her Doctor and he said just keep an eye one her but it sounds like she will be just fine.

I just thank God that there's someone watching out for her.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The End is Here - It's Finally Over!

Last night was husband's last night on at work!

He has been working 12 hour nights, 6 straight days a week since the beginning of September. Except for his one night off a week, I see him one and a half hours a day (which is usually what time he spends bathing and eating so it really isn't quality time)!

But the end is here! Last night was the last night! Now he's home for 5 whole days!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What a Craptastic Day

This was just a crappy day all around (and I’m not talking about the IBS that decided to happen and caused me to run out of breakfast on my friends this morning).

Besides the previous post, here is a list of crappy things that happened today.

a) Moe peed in her car seat, but because I needed to find a babysitter, I didn’t have time to wash it, so she had to ride in a pee filled car seat.

b) I made it to my appointment and ended up waiting in the exam room for almost 2 hours to be seen by the doctor. Naked. It was cold!

c) Einey went to bed late as she had to do her homework (which got delayed) by my doctor’s appointment.

d) I didn’t get to see husband at all.

On a brighter side, I had a message in my voicemail on my cell phone today.

"Hi, sorry I have the wrong number, but you sound very cute. Have a nice day"
Well Mr. Wrong Number Dialer, you have a very nice voice yourself. Thanks for giving me one thing to smile about today!

I guess tomorrow can only get better, right?

Caught in the Act

The other night, I decided to have some chips as a snack on the way home. In the van. In the dark. Immediately after I pop the first one into my mouth I hear:

Einey: Mom, what are you eating?
Meenie: I hear something.
Einey: I smell chips. Are you eating Doritos?
Me: Um...(crunch, crunch) no.
Einey: It smells like Doritos. I hear you crunching. What are you eating?
Meenie: Are they orange?
Moe: Uhh, uhh... (apparently she could see me)
Me: Nothing. I'm not eating anything.
After about 5 minutes of them grilling me, I gave in and told the truth. They are way to clever for their own good!

It Happens Again

Once again, I made arrangements with the grandparents (the other set this time) to watch the girls while I go to my annual Dr. appointment. At least they had the decency to call 2 hours before my appointment and cancel. I was lucky enough to find a friend willing to watch the three while I went.

The kicker though? I made arraignments with them to keep the girls over night over a month ago so I can surprise the husband with a night out. I got tickets to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra and we made semi-plans to meet some friends after. It was supposed to be our first full night out without the kids (we've gone out for dinner or a movie a few times). And what do they say today when they call? "Oh and can you find other arraignments for the girls Saturday, we don't think we can take them?" WTF? It's the first time we've ever even asked this. It's not like we freeload on them every single weekend so we can go out partying!

The last night husband and I spent alone together was the Christmas Eve, 5 years ago - the night before Einey was born. And even that wasn't completely alone as we had to wake up at midnight for Mass.

One freaking time that we ask for something and of course they have to screw it up.

But whenever they want to take the kids, we have to bring them over right away. There was one time when the girls had rotovirus and they still tried to get us to let them take them to a Christmas Party. We have to make sure we are always available so they can take them to their company's annual Christmas/Easter/Halloween Parties (regardless of whether we had plans or not). We stopped telling the girls when they want them to sleep over because they always wait to the last minute to bail (even when they are the ones asking for them on specific nights and I have to change plans to suit them).

Whenever we visit them, we end up staying awhile to visit. We arrive around the time dinner is supposed to be served (but for some reason, it is usually an hour later) and stay a bit helping them clean up after dessert. We then stay for a bit of conversation. If they come over for dinner, they arrive right when dinner is ready to be served and leave within 5 minutes of dessert being finished. For holidays they come, let the girls open their gifts and leave shortly after.

Once, we had plans to go to Vermont to visit friends and they were going to keep our dog for the weekend. At the last minute, they cancelled on us. So we had to endure a 4 hour car ride with Dog in tow. Never again! After that, we found a good kennel that we can leave her at when we need to (which isn't often at all)!

Here's to hoping I can find a sitter so we can go out!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Video Games

With the release of the new Playstation 3 (PS3) the other day, news travels of people waiting in line for 2 or 3 days, others being trampled and even one person being shot.

The case with the person being shot during an attempted robbery while he waited in line for his PS3 happened one town over from where I currently sit. Apparently two 15-17 year olds tried to rob the dozen people waiting in line for their PS3. The victim is still in the hospital, but will be recieving a free PS3 from the store when he recovers.

Of course, with news like this, my email already received correspondence from friends asking how to keep their kids away from video games.

My own beliefs are that video games are not the cause of the violence we saw here. I feel that blaming video games is just another way to pass the blame. It's a media influenced scapegoat for parents who are to busy to do their job and actually raise/parent their children. I believe that supervising kids with video games is the key.

My husband has grown up with video game consoles since the Comador 64 era. He currently owns numerous game systems and does play. Does he feel the urge to go out and shoot someone? As far as I know, no.

When Einey was younger (and we actually had more time to relax) he would sit on the floor playing his game and she would be right there next o him, with the spare controller in hand, playing a game with daddy. Will he play games with gore and tons of violence? No. But in the games some creatures die. At 4, Einey knows fact from fiction. She knows what is real and what is make-believe. So to say that teenagers cannot tell that the games they play on TV is not real is completely incomprehensible.

For Christmas, we have discussed getting Einey some kid friendly games to play on both the PS2 , Game Cube and Game Boy Advance (which will now be hers as Daddy has a new DS Lite). Will we be careful with what we buy her? You bet.

Video games, like movies and music all come with a rating. I have heard of numerous reports from parents who claim not to know how violent a games is, despite being the one who purchased the game in the first place.

So basically I feel parents should spend more time with their children being parents and less time letting their teachers, friends and TV's raise their kids for them.

New Games

The girls have learned a few new games they like to play.

Meenie: Stop touching me
Einey: I'm not touching you (while pointer finger is hovering a mere 1/2 inch from her sisters arm)
Meenie: Stop touching me
Einey: I'm not touching you
Meenie: Stop touching me
Einey: It's free air -- then lick
Meenie: Eww your gross!

Giggles and reverse.
  • Another favorite is the beloved copy-cat game where every word, sound, screech is repeated.
  • The there's the hand slap game which ends up with someone crying.
  • And last but not least is hide and seek where they always hide in the last person's hiding place, making it very easy to find each other.


Looking at the map on another blog of places she visited made me want to do one of my own.

The result? I have visited a mere 37$% of states and all of them fall in the Eastern United States. In addition, I've travelled very briefly to Canada, St. Johns and St. Thomas (USVI) and Purto Rico.

One of these days I will be able to expand my travel map. Places high on my list of must see: Stonehenge, most of Europe, China, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, the rest of the Caribbean, Egypt, the Galapagos Islands and Antarctica.

create your own personalized map of the USA

Give it a shot!

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Having family who live close by is usually a blessing. However, it is also a headache.

Our only babysitters are family. I try to make appointments on Tuesdays so that I know the girls are in good hands at Grandma's house while I go to my appointment. However, more and more, it is proving to be a hassle.

Tuesday, Meenie had her first dental visit. My plan was to drop Moe off at Grandmas and bring just Meenie. When I got to Grandma's no one was home. So I had to take Moe with me. By the grace of God, Moe actually sat still the whole appointment. She even got to pick a tattoo from the toy basket and got a new toothbrush and toothpaste. However on the way home, I look into the rearview mirror and there's Moe, toothpaste container half empty in her mouth and blue sparkling toothpaste smeared all over her face, jacket and car seat. Luckily, it looks like most was all over her and not ingested. Part of me wants to blame Grandma, because if she was home like she was supposed to be, Moe wouldn't have had toothpaste. The rational side blames myself for leaving it within her reach.

Regardless, it's not the first time Grandma has stood me up. It's a pain as I have to drive 15-20 minutes just to get there and then usually backtrack to my appointments. One time, my friend was supposed to drop the girls of at Grandma's and Grandma wasn't home so she had to keep them. It was my first day back at work and having problems like that just made going back to work worse! I hate having to cancel/change plans when things like that come up!

Family, you can't live with them, you can't live without them!

Coffee for Toddlers

Yesterday, when I stopped at a local coffee shop, I got Meenie and Moe some milk. Only the milk was served in little to-go coffee cups. Moe was in heaven. She held her cup, smiled and said "my coffee". I need to get more of those cups!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wednesday Rant

Today I went to [insert large chain store here] and of course get completely pissed off. It always happens when I go here and I don’t know why I go back.

My parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary Monday. This weekend, we are planning a party for them. As their gift, I wanted to frame their wedding picture and a baby picture of each of them. My parents don’t have a frames wedding picture of them. They got married by a JP in the office of the company my father worked at. I picked out the frame and then went to make the pictures. Finished and then…. First the tried to say I couldn’t take any of the copies I made (two were from old 3.5x by 4 inch prints taken by relatives). I had to argue with them that they were not professionally done and that I just cropped them to show just my parents (which I did). The third picture was a baby picture of my father, taken somewhere around November of 1941 (65 years ago). The original I had to pry out of the frame and the only info written on it was my fathers name and his age. Two years ago, I had made copies and framed them on the wall above my stairs. This is what I used to try and make a copy of. But since it was a professional picture I could not be allowed to make a copy. However, if I can get a release form from the photographer, I could make all the copies I want.

Which would be great if I knew who/where took the picture (it wasn’t marked). It would also be great if it wasn’t taken 65 years ago (which I tried to argue). Even if I somehow managed to find out who took the picture, they are probably a) so old they don’t remember, b) don’t care or c) deceased. All of which do not help me.

So now I am stuck with a frame in which I have my parents wedding picture and a baby picture of my mom. How’s that for a present?

This store is really one of my least favorite places to go for many reasons I will not get to right now.


And it’s not the first time I had a problem with said store.

There was the time I went to get Einey and Meenie’s pictures taken. I wanted to pay for 3 sittings so I could have individual or each and one of them together. But apparently you are only allowed one sitting (when my friend when 2 days before and got separate sittings). So even though I was willing to pay for each and there was no one else there they wouldn’t let me. I went to a professional had them done and spent lots of money on pictures that probably came out much better.

Another time I went in looking for a soft ball for my dog in the sporting goods section. Not seeing them, I asked a sporting goods employee where I could find them and after giving me a blank stare, they sent me to toys. I later found them in sporting goods where they belong.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Moe's Mischief

The past few days, Moe has been up to mischief, much more than usual.

1. While I was baking the other night, she grabbed a bag of flour and brought it into the middle of the living room. I saw her out of my eye put something down, but I didn't pay much attention to it until I hear her giggling like crazy. I turned to see her put her little hand into the bag of flour, pull out a handful and blow. The giggles ensued until the last puff of flour fell to the floor. Unfortunately, I couldn't do anything but laugh. She looked so cute standing there with a flour covered face and look of delight on her face for finding a new trick. It was too cute and I was too tired to deal with it. I just grabbed her hand and brought her upstairs to get washed and then put her to bed.

2. At grandma's house, she was in the spare room with grandma. I heard grandma yell and turned to see Moe running across the kitchen with scissors. Opened. Across her belly. Luckily I was able to grab her before she got to far.

3. She decided that she no longer needs to stay in her crib.

4. Or carseat. No matter how tight I put the straps, she manages to get at least one arm out.

5. Or highchair. She now likes to climb out, onto the table and move her food to a big person chair.

6. She likes to run away from me and around the van whenever we go out.

7. She tried to floor me out one morning and fell down the stairs onto the concrete.

8. She pressed all the buttons at the grocery store the other day when she was with the sitter and somehow managed to break the checkout line. I only heard about this when I went into the grocery store and the cashier told her not to touch any buttons today. Apparently it took them awhile to figure out how to fix it.

9. She like to give her self baths. Twice I ran upstairs because I heard water running. Once I found her in the tub. The second time I found her half naked outside of the tub.

10. She found and ate a half a bag of mini reese peanut butter cups at Grandma's house.

At least she has stopped doing her other bad habits as much:

1. Pushing and hitting babies and smaller toddlers (She even tackled a 5 year old once).

2. Drinking from the dogs water dish/dumping the water dish all over the kitchen.

3. Throwing food all over the floor (she only does this 1/2 the time she eats now).

I cannot wait until she outgrows this phase! It's wearing me out.


Eenie the other night, locked her grandmother out of her house. She had to get a ride over to our house and get the spare key to let herself in. I would have thought it was Moe who did it, but Eenie confessed.

Friday, November 03, 2006

A Call to Arms

Yesterday, my RL friend posted this on her blog. Today she followed up with an email to friends asking for support and advice.

I am willing to support her in anyway I can. I have already forwarded this email onto friends and my hope, with linking to her post, is that you as readers, can offer your insight. What can we, as parents, do to help the future generation? How can we give our children the support they need in school? How can we ensure that the schools are doing their best to educate our children? If you have any ideas on how we can make a difference, please stop by and share them!

Please stop by ECR's blog and offer her your advice!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Wedding Plans

We were driving to the par yesterday afternoon to meet some friends when the girls decided to start planning their weddings.

Meenie: Mom, I'm not marrying S. anymore, I want to marry Y.
Mom: That's fine dear, you can marry whoever you want to.
Meenie: We are going to have candy at our wedding. Candy and bubble gum.
Einey: Well, I am marrying M. And we are going to have pony rides.
Meenie: We are going to have balloons.
Einey: Mine is going to be the best wedding evar. We are going to have ponies and pizza.
Meenie: We are going to have cake. And peanut butter and jelly.
All Moe had to add to this conversation was "O". To which I take to mean she is going to marry her best little bud "O".

Then there was a little bit or arguing about whose wedding Mommy was going to go to to which I reassured them that I could (and would) go to both. And then whether or not they would allow their sisters to go.

Trick Or Treat

We went trick or treating the other night to about 15 house. The girls had a blast. Oddly, we only saw two other small groups of kids (our group had 7 kids - 2 families). The kids were running across lawns and racing up stairs. It reminded me of how I miss being young!

About halfway around the cul-de-sac, Moe was starting to struggle with her pumpkin bucket. So I stopped at the van and emptied it out for her. She was a little upset as she thought Mommy took all her candy. Everytime someone would giver her something, she would walk over to us and say "candy".

At the second to last house, Moe was standing there patiently waiting for her candy. As the older kids turned to go down the stairs, Moe looks up and asks "more?" The guy whose house we were at looks down and says "you want more? Okay". So Moe gets a big smile and says "more?" Plop, a third candy pops into her basket. One more try had Mom saying that it was time to go. The guy looks at me and says "It doesn't hurt to ask right?"

I think the older kids were all trying to figure out how Moe scored extra candy...

Monday, October 30, 2006

Joining the ranks.

It looks like I join the ranks of parents who suck this Halloween.

My crime? I failed to get the girls there pumpkins so they could carve them into Jack O'Lanterns. I don't know what was going through my mind as I procrastinated all week in buying them. Or what I was thinking as I drove to the orchard to buy some this evening. Or the two grocery stores after we discovered the orchard was out of pumpkins. Of course, my waiting until the evening before Halloween to buy pumpkins had nothing to do with it. I should have known! It's like waiting until the night before Easter to get white eggs to color. All week, as I was bringing them for their costume fittings at grandma's house, I didn't think once about slipping out to get them a pumpkin.

If I wasn't going at this parenting thing alone, my husband would have made sure they were up to their elbows in pumpkin pulp and seeds. He would have been right there making elaborate designs to carve on the face of the pumpkins with them. He would have been roasting the seeds for a snack. He would have got the job done. But me, flying solo, failed to make this Halloween complete.

So now I have three little girls without Jack O'Lanterns.

Thankfully, they at least have pumpkins from other events this autumn. They have the small pumpkins they colored at the corn maze last week. And the big pumpkins they painted and put stickers and glitter on at the Halloween Party they went to with my in laws.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Moe's New Trick

Moe learned a new trick tonight.

She has always been somewhat connected to Houdini in that she could get out of any space. And I swear she is part monkey. She can get her upper body out of a carseat, even when the straps are so tight you can't get any fingers between them and her body. Shopping carts? She mastered getting out of those straps months ago. Her highchair? That was her newest conquest. Last month I was in the other room grabbing a drink when she came walking behind me. I knew minutes before, she had been safely strapped into her highchair with the tray pressed so close to her body, it left a red mark. Her stroller? She likes to stand and force me to stop walking so I can struggle to get her back in the buckle.

The newest conquest? Tonight I put her in her crib for bed and came down stairs. A few minutes later she walks into the living room and says "Good Morning". Now, I didn't here a thud so she didn't fall. My only guess is she finally managed to climb out.

Now you are probably saying "So, she's two, that's nothing. She should be in a toddler bed now anyway". But for me it's everything. The crib was the last safe place I had for her. It was the sanctuary. A place I could keep her so I could take a shower. Or fold/put laundry away. A place where she could go when I needed a few minutes to myself. Now I am doomed!

Monday, October 16, 2006

School Picture Day

Today was the first of two school picture days for Einey. Apparently they do the whole class on day one and individual on day two. This is for a school of 175 kids. When I grew up and went to public school, I remember them doing the whole class and individual all in one day for a school of over 600 kids.

Today, Einey chose to wear a white shirt with green and pink flowers (a hand-me-down from her best friend in Virginia) and a new green and pink skirt I picked up on clearance at Sears along with pink tights with dark pink flowers and a pink headband. She looked very cute! For my kindergarten pictures, I wore a Winnie-the-Pooh dress. And yes, they still only have 4 backgrounds, a bluish-pink splash, autumn trees, blue and blue clouds.

This is the only year it will be like that. Next year, when she has to wear a uniform to school every day, the pictures will all be of here wearing a red plaid jumper and then, in the 7th and 8th grades, a light blue polo shirt and dark blue skirt. Hopefully we can come up with a way for her to keep her individuality!

Some things I remember about school picture day were the little black combs they gave everyone while waiting in line to get their picture taken, wearing a dress (I never wore dresses) and the line waiting. Our pictures were taken in the special ed room across the hall from the kindergarten classes and as we grew older, the gymnasium.

One memory I have of school pictures was not from me, but my sister. One year, my younger sister wore her pajamas under her clothes and it showed in her pictures.

So, what are your school picture memories?

Sunday, October 15, 2006


I've had this thing with feet lately. It is probably because Moe insists on wearing shoes in the house, any shoes. Mommy's shoes, Daddy's shoes, Einey's shoes, Meenie's shoes, her shoes, it doesn't matter as long as she has shoes on. Even if she strips butt naked (like she's been doing everyday) she insists on having shoes on. But the minute you step out the door and into the van, the shoes need to come off. I don't understand the logic of toddler thinking.

So lately I've been watching and it's not just her. Einey takes time deciding what shoes to wear to school each day. Will it be cowboy boots, her brown shoes or sneakers? Meenie insists on wearing sandal's even though the mornings are a tad chilly, hovering around 50 degrees when we bring Einey to school. Can we wear sandals for soccer? What about our rain boots and a skirt?

So here are some feet pictures seen through the eyes of mom.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Autumn Continued

Autumn means apple picking and pumpkins. We went to a local orchard the other day to get some apples. This is the only time the girls will actually eat and apple without me cutting it up and taking off the peels. And we've already made an Apple-Banana Bread. Yummy!

Matt, these are also for you!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Autumn in New England

Autumn in New England is a magical time. The nights turn cold, the mornings are crisp and the days are getting shorter. Outside, there is change all around. The leaves burst with color - reds, oranges, yellows and even a hint of purple. Then they slowly fall, carpeting the ground with color. The air is usually aflight with Monarchs, before they make their migration to Mexico. Canadian Geese honk noisily overhead while flying in V-formation to whatever available waterway they can find. The nights carry a scent of woodsmoke to try and ward of the chill. The mornings are spent watching the kids play soccer in the grass wet with dew. And little wolly bear caterpillars curl up in balls in the hands of the children.

And then there are seasonal things. Going apple picking and then coming home to make apples pie, baked apples, candy apples, apple bread and apple crisp. Wandering through a corn maze trying to find your way out. Hayrides! Trips to the pumpkin patch. We love making pumpkin pancakes in the fall. Yum!

Matt, these are for you! One of these days you'll have to leave Texas and come up North to experience the real changing of seasons.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy Anniversary

Seven years ago, I married my best friend. We became partners in life, friends forever.

Husband proposed to me a few weeks after I graduated from high school. We got married when I was just 19, he was 22. We met when I was 14, a freshman in high school. He was 17 and a senior. We dated all through my high school years and got married after my first year of college. By then he had graduated college an was working full time. The week before we were married, we signed on for the condo we would then live in for the next 18 months and started to move in.

The day of our wedding. dawned cloudy with a chill in the air, as most October mornings do. This was a little unsettling as we planned an outside wedding on top of a hill, overlooking the splendor of a New England autumn. I woke early to go over to the hairdressers with all my bridesmaids in tow. It took 3 hours to get everyone finished. Then it was home to get dressed and meet the photographer. Then it was off to the church, where we waited while all the guests who were busy milling around outside, preceded to move indoors. My husband was getting nervous waiting for me, while all the while, I was outside waiting to come in. By this time, the sun was pushing its way through the clouds.

The ceremony was nice, although I have to admit, I don't remember much of it. We didn't have a flower girl, but we did have an extra little guy. He presented both of our mothers with a bouquet of roses. Apparently, in all the excitement, someone forgot to feed the little guys because during the ceremony, one of them was trying to eat his corsage! We were being pressed for time by the limo driver so we made our way to the reception, delaying our receiving line until the end of the reception.

We arrived at the reception location and took over an hours worth of pictures. Then made our way to where the guests were waiting. I'd like to say dinner was nice, but I didn't get to eat most of it. Halfway through dinner, my 15 year old sister fell down the stair and needed to be taken to the emergency room. Unfortunately my mom had to go with her. This is the first of many act that we are unable to ever forgive her for. I hated not having my mom share this special time with me. It was my one and only special day and I will never get that time back.

My husband and I wandered amongst the guests thanking them for coming. Somehow, we did this apart, both starting on opposite sides of the room! We danced and before we knew it, it was time for cake. The cake was delicious! My mother-in-law saved the cake top as the traditional "first anniversary" dessert. I think it is still in their freezer.

Right as we were getting ready to leave, my mom arrived back. I was able to say goodbye before we left for our honeymoon.

We spent the first night as man and wife in a hotel across from the airport. We had a 5 am flight to sunny St. Thomas! Our honeymoon was unforgettable. We soaked up the sun on the white sand beaches, we snorkeled amongst private coral reefs, we went underwater in a submarine. We visited nearby St. Johns and took a tour of an old sugar cane factory. We dined on true Caribbean fare. We drank the most amazing Banana Daiquiris (and for that reason alone, I would go back in a heartbeat!). The weather was sunny everyday with a few afternoon storms. Our hotel room over looked the crystal clear bay. I was sad to leave when our 10 days was through. One of these days, we will go back to the most beautiful place I've ever been.

I remember having pictures taken. I remember celebrating the day with family and my childhood friends. I remember my nephews playing in the sandbox and husbands cousins playing horseshoes.

Our first anniversary, we spent the week in Niagara Falls. We visited both sides of the falls and had a magical time. We stayed in the US, but made daily trips to the Canadian side. Next time we go back, we will stay on the Canadian side. We visited the falls, too a boat under the falls, walked through the Cave of the Winds, and visited several historic forts in the area. We celebrated our anniversary with dinner in the revolving Skylon Tower. We also had another reason to celebrate. We were just leaving our first trimester of pregnancy behind.

Sadly, three weeks after we returned home, we found out that we miscarried our first child. We spent the next few weeks mourning our unborn child. To this day, I still wonder if it would be the son I never had. But all things happen for a reason. This pregnancy was an uncommon condition called a partial molar pregnancy. We had to wait 6 months before even considering trying again.

Two months after the loss of our unborn, we brought our first house. It was much bigger than what we needed and had plenty of room to grow. And grow we did. We still live in that same house and some days it seems like we are busting at the seams.

As my due date approached, we were given the go ahead to try again. We conceived Einey the same month our unborn was due, our first month of trying. Because of the first pregnancy, we received extra prenatal care the first months. We waited to tell our friends and family. The next eight months passed uneventfully and I had a perfect pregnancy. Then at 36 weeks, my water broke. Eight hours later, on Christmas Day, Einey was born. A beautiful, brown haired, gray eyed 6 1/2 pund bundle of little girl. The next morning, husband told me how easy it was and he wanted to "try again"!

Six months later, we decided to try again. It took us 3 months of trying. One month after finding out we were pregnant, I was sent to the Emergency Room with severe stomach pains. Pains I had experience occasionally in the past, but silently ignored. They were the worst pains I had ever experience in my life! I was diagnosed with gallstones, but due to my pregnancy, my OB decided to hold off surgery. We agreed to his decision and followed his instructions to a T. I was put on a strict no-fat diet which was unbearable. But I did it. I did it because I knew my unborn child's life depended on it. To have surgery was risky. To ignore the Dr.'s warning was opening up the possibility for preterm labor. Even so, I went into labor at 32 weeks. This was trip to L&D #1. It took a long time to stop labor and I was very close to being transferred to a neonatal intensive care facility an hour away to await the rest of my pregnancy. They were able to stop it and I was put on turbutaline for the month and told to take it easy. This seemed to help. I was given 2 doses of steroids for the baby in case she decided to come early. At this popoint, I was 2 1/2 cm, 80% effected and at zero station. Trip #2 happened at about 35 weeks along. I experienced a gallbladder attack and this triggered labor. It was eventually under control and I was released a few hours later. The middle of the night, I was back at L&D. This trip lasted another day. My OB scheduled an induction at 37 weeks, 2 days to help me out. The baby would be past the critical stage at this point. Baby didn't want to wait! At exactly 37 weeks, baby wanted out! Husband had just come home from working night shift and went to bed. An hour later I woke him and told him it was time. He tried to brush me off, but I knew it was different. It felt like right before Einey was born. We went to the hospital again where we discovered I was only 6 cm. He threatened not to leave the hospital without a baby this last time! But baby was right there and the water was buldeging. My OB broke the water and said we would have about 1/2 hour. He left to do some paper work and get our room ready. Not true. Meenie wanted out! We called our doctor in and the nurses came running. The wheeled me out of triage and down to our room. They were prepping the room still and my doctor was washing his hands when Meenie started to appear. My doctor literally dove across the room, cursing all the way. Total time I was in actual labor with her: 15 minutes. She was a scrawny 6 pounds at birth. Because of her fast entry into the world, she swallowed some meconium as the nurses and doctor didn't have the suction right there. So they had to suction her out and she was on oxygen overnight as a precaution. Right after she was born, we were notified that my in-laws and daughter had arrived to bring husband lunch as we called before the excitement began. So the two sisters were able to meet within five minutes of her birth! Six weeks later, I had surgery to remove my gall bladder.

Six months later, we got the surprise of our lifetime, we were expecting baby number 3. This pregnancy was so different from the rest. I was tired all the time and had extreme morning sickness the whole pregnancy. And in the end, she was breech, so we needed to try to turn her. She wouldn't budge. We were able to deliver her vaginally (thanks to a wonderful doctor who let us try as opposed to the hospital's rule of c-section only for breech babies). 45 hours later she decided to enter the world. She too was only 6 pounds. She was my only blue eyed baby.

We had planned on going away for our fifth year anniversary, but the birth of Moe three weeks prior (she was due 2 days after our anniversary) took precedent over the trip. Maybe for our tenth!

We are thankful to have had the same doctor deliver all three of our daughters. Without him, we feel we would have had to have had a c-section with Moe.

Eight months after Moe was born, I had to have part of my thyroid removed. Thankfully, it was benign.

This past summer, we experienced the first hospitalization of one of our children. Meenie came down with viral enchephalitis. I hope you never have to experience a child being sick. Thankfully, she has recovered fully from this ordeal.

Luckly, I have never really had to work. I went to school full time after we were married and when I graduated, I worked part time. Eight months after Einey was born, I quit my job to became a stay at home mother. This arrangement has served us well the last 4 and a half years. This past fall, with the impending hospital bills and school tuition, I took a job as a substitute teachers aid at the public school system in the town that I live. It has worked out well as I tend to work mostly while my husband is home. It is nice to get out of the house, but I miss my girls. Growing up, I never even considered being a stay at home mother. I just assumed I would work. I have enjoyed spending time with my girls, nourishing their minds, their hearts, their bodies. I enjoy teaching them all I know about the world. I love exploring new things with them. Most of all, I love hearing them laugh. And I know this new time apart is good for them and each day I work, I am a little less sad. Hopefully tis is temporary, but who knows, I may decide to stay on one or two days a week, when we don't need it.

I know people don't understand our hectic schedule, and I don't expect them too. My husband works rotating shifts, days and nights. He doesn't always get holidays off. But we have learned to accept it as it is. It is one on many sacrifices we have made that are necessary for our family (one of them being foregoing vacations to exotic - and not so exotic- places). We don't think of holidays as the day, we think of it in terms of when we are all together. We will celebrate Christmas a few days late and as long as we are all together, that's all that counts. The kids have all accepted this, but it is all they know. We know that as they get older, it will be a bit harder for them, but we know that we can come up with a solution that fits.

Over the past seven years, we have experience joy at the births of our children, sorrow over the passing of his grandmother, laughter and tears. We have made many sacrifice for our family in hopes of providing of rour children the best that we can. We may not always see eye to eye, but we always know how to come to an agreement. I hope to spend many more years with the one I love!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Independence vs. Safety

As parents, how do you draw the line between keeping your kids safe versus nurturing their independence?

I thought I had it all figured out. At the playground, I have evolved from the over-protective mother hovering over my children at each stop on the playground to the relaxed mom who can see and react to her children while keeping an eye on all three no matter where they be. I no longer felt like I had to be on top of them. I've finally allowed them to quietly play soccer in the middle of the track where I walk every morning. At home, I've slowly started to let Einey and Meenie play outside on the deck alone and even more recently, down in the fenced in (but not completely gated) yard by themselves. At three and four, they've earned that independence. Now don't get me wrong, while they are technically outside by themselves, I am usually within sight of them and if not, I am peeking outside every few minutes to check on them. We live on a main road but the yard is away from the road. Their are no sidewalks or places for people to be walking by.

But earlier this week, less than a 1/2 mile from my house (closer if you make a direct line, there was an attempted kidnapping of a 6-year old little boy. This happened in the early evening, just before dinner time, while people were outside around the child. The area it happened in was an area with lots of sidewalks and houses. A place where kids freely roam. A place where there is always someone watching. Here is another article related to the attempted kidnapping.

So I ask again, how do we keep our kids safe? I don't want to hover. I want them to gain independence. I already scan the faces of the other playground patrons to see who is with who and if their are any "strange" (which is completely irrelevant as most people who live in this area would fall into that category) people hanging around. I try not to go to the most popular playground except in the "off-season" so as the avoid the crowds.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Goodbye Summer!

Goodbye summer. Goodbye sand. Goodbye gentle breezes through the hot air. Goodbye sandals. Goodbye garden. Goodbye beaches. Goodbye mosquitoes. Goodbye grill. Goodbye lazy days.
See you next year!

Friday, September 29, 2006


I love Survivor!

I don't know what the big deal was about seperating the teams by race. Last season they seperated by gender and no one complained. I knew even before it started last night that it wasn't going to be long before they combined the tribes anyway.

Autumn Nights

I love Autumn and everything about it. The chill in the area. The leaves awash in colors. Apple picking (and then baking). Pumpkins.

Last night, husband was home for the last night until Thanksgiving. We put the girls to bed a little earlier and went outside to what may very well be the last enjoyable night of the year. We made a fire in the firepit and grabbed a bag of marshmallows, some chocolate and Octoberfest (his was Otter Creek and Mine was Sam Adams). And there we sat for what seemed like hours (it was only 1) in peaceful tranquility. It was just us and the crickets and peep toads. We were so relaxed that you couldn't hear the cars passing by the house.

It was just so great to spend time with just the husband, alone!

School Update

Today, in our end of the week letter home, we were informed that the pick-up procedure has changed. Now parents (and caregivers) are to go in the outside classroom door and sign out the child they are picking up. Apparently we were not the only one who had this as a concern. I am glad things were changed!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

School Thoughts....

I've read some posts lately about thinking of where to send your child to school: public or private.

For us, we opted for a private Catholic school. It was a decision we talked about, thought about and researched for moths, and in the end, it was the right decision for us. Yes, it is expensive, but we feel justified that it is the right place for Einey.

I like the fact that she will most likely be going to school with the same kids for the next 9 years. No more needing to meet 20 new parents every year. I like knowing the teachers, meeting them and observing them before she will even be in that grade. I like knowing the principle (and apparently her knowing our child already) after only 3 weeks of school.

Although the kindergarten class size is a bit larger than the local public school (23 vs. 16), from experience, some of these kids will not return for 1st or 2nd grade.

One thing I do not like and am planning on meeting with the principle is their pick up policy. I have worked a few days in the last two weeks where I needed to have a sitter pick up Einey from school. One three different days, three different people (her grandparents, and two friends) picked her up from school. Each day, I sent in a note saying who was going to be picking her up. Each day the proper person went and Einey was released to her without any questions. No "hi can I ask who you are?", no "can you sign her out please?" No communication whatsoever between the teacher and pick-up person! When I questioned the teacher she said she had no clue to knowing who they were and as long as the child shows they now the person, they will be released to them. My thought is ask who they are. Check their ID to make sure they are the same person on the note who is supposed to be picking her up.

The other aspect which bugs me is their "No solicitation" policy. I know it is to keep people from bombarding others with their magazine/candy/wrapping paper sales. I am planning a scrapbooking fundraising event for the American Heart Association's annual Heartwalk my family and I participate in every year. I sent in a paper asking if I could have it sent home in the folders of my daughter's classmates. I was told no I couldn't. I understand that, but at the same time, we got similar flyers for girl scouts. This was also immediately after being told at the open house that they encourage community service and children can earn incentives and awards for participation in different community events. And I can't help but feel that they have this policy so that they will not have others detract from their own constant fundraising (which will be bombarded on us).

However, I still feel that this is the best place for us right now.

Open House

We went to the recent open house at Einey's school. I guess I expected to hear about all the fun and exciting things they had planned for the upcoming school year. Instead, we heard about what our "financial" obligations to the school were, what we could do for fundraising and even that we could bequest money to the school in our wills.

One funny item was that the principal of Einey's school came up to us and said "let me tell you something about your daughter". My first thought was "Oh shit, what did she do that the principal know who she is in only 3 weeks?" She then tells us "I have never seen any child eat as much as she does". She told us how cute Einey is at lunch and how she eats everything we pack for her (which IS alot for a four year old- usually ham and cheese on a spinach wrap, carrot sticks, pretzels, a piece of fruit, a pudding, juice and sometimes crackers) . She even told us that Einey sometimes misses out on recess (or at least part of it) as she is too busy finishing her lunch with the principal. And don't get me wrong, Einey is all of 37 pounds soaking wet!


One day I picked Einey up from school and as we are driving in front of the school, she points and says:
"We visited that lady today".
"What Lady, the statue?"
"Oh, does she have a name?"

The next day, Einey comes home and says:

"Mom, we watched TV in church, the lady is called Our Lady of LaSalette".
"Oh really, can you tell me anything about her?"
"She's a statue".

Saturday, September 23, 2006


My baby turns two today. As think back about that day two years ago, I realize that from the start she was not going to be overshadowed by her two big sisters. She was going to make sure we all knew she was around. Right from the start, she dared to be different.

She was breech, so we needed to try to turn her. She wouldn't budge. We were able to deliver her vaginally (thanks to a wonderful doctor who let us try as opposed to the hospital's rule of c-section only for breech babies). 45 hours later (as opposed to 8 hours and 15 minutes respectfully for the other two) she decided to enter the world. Right away, she showed us another difference from her sisters. She took to the breast without any problems. She was a champion nursery from day one! She nursed until almost 10 months old (both her sisters were done by 2 months), when teething interfered with her nursing (her sisters cut there first teeth both at six months, a full 4 months earlier than her).

Sleep however was a different story. For the first three months of her life, she would not sleep unless held in the crook of my arm. At three months, we finally had to improvise. We had her swaddled and snuggled in the boppy pillow in her bed to sleep. Of course, she was still waking up every two hours to eat. At 7 months, we finally stopped swaddling her (she liked it). By 8 1/2 months, I tried getting her to sleep longer through the night without nursing. At 10 months, she finally started to sleep through the night. Her sisters were both sleeping through the night by 2 months. After she stopped waking up at night, I finally realized how clear I could think. It was like this huge fog just lifted. And it was scary. I don't know how I functioned or survived those 10 months with little sleep.

Eating she was okay. She likes to eat anything so I cannot complain there. The only thing is, she is a non-stop eater. She will eat all day if we let her, but she isn't big. She is actually on the small side for her age. She used to be so small but have these big rolls on her thighs, it was so cute. Now she's grown out of the rolls. But she still eats constantly. I swear people think we don't feed her.

She was always an easygoing baby. She was usually very happy and generally a pleasure to be around. Now that she is bigger though, she likes to push the little babies around. We are working on it. I worry that she will be the school yard bully when she is bigger.

She is also one of the only two year old I know with a coffee addiction. It's not my fault, honestly.

When she was born, she came out with bright blue eyes, as opposed to the slate gray that her sisters had. By 6 months they were still very blue. By this age, both her sisters had brown eyes. At two, she still has very gorgeous blue eyes. Both husband and I and both our parents (and my siblings) have brown eyes. For brown-eyed parents to have a blue eyed child, it is a 1/4 chance as it is a double recessive gene. And it also means that we both have to have relatives (somewhere) on both sides. My family likes to joke that she belongs to the mailman.

And terrible twos. My other girls were not nearly as bad as she is. She can have every toy off a shelf in under 30 seconds flat. She has managed to disappear with 4 adults keeping an eye on her and walk close to a road once in under 10 seconds. She loves to pull out all the wipes in a container in under 5 seconds. She is a handful to say the least. I think it is more noticable because she was always such and easygoing child and is now a little terror. Meenie was a handful, but she was a handful right from the start. So her terrible two's were her normal everyday behavior.

She also has a great sense of humor. In the car, her sisters like to tell knock knock jokes. By 15 months, she would sit in the back seat and you would here "knock, knock". If you asked "who's there" she would smile and repeat herself.

At two, she still doesn't talk much (unlike her sisters) but she talks enough so you know what she wants. Her doctor says her speech is average for a two-year old, so at this time, there is no reason for concern. It also doesn't help that she has two other people speaking for her.

She is definitely going to make sure she is noticed and not pushed to the shadows. Happy Birthday to my little monkey! I hope you keep your independent ways no matter what other people think. You may be a handful, but we love you anyway!

Love, Mommy!