Thursday, November 16, 2006


Having family who live close by is usually a blessing. However, it is also a headache.

Our only babysitters are family. I try to make appointments on Tuesdays so that I know the girls are in good hands at Grandma's house while I go to my appointment. However, more and more, it is proving to be a hassle.

Tuesday, Meenie had her first dental visit. My plan was to drop Moe off at Grandmas and bring just Meenie. When I got to Grandma's no one was home. So I had to take Moe with me. By the grace of God, Moe actually sat still the whole appointment. She even got to pick a tattoo from the toy basket and got a new toothbrush and toothpaste. However on the way home, I look into the rearview mirror and there's Moe, toothpaste container half empty in her mouth and blue sparkling toothpaste smeared all over her face, jacket and car seat. Luckily, it looks like most was all over her and not ingested. Part of me wants to blame Grandma, because if she was home like she was supposed to be, Moe wouldn't have had toothpaste. The rational side blames myself for leaving it within her reach.

Regardless, it's not the first time Grandma has stood me up. It's a pain as I have to drive 15-20 minutes just to get there and then usually backtrack to my appointments. One time, my friend was supposed to drop the girls of at Grandma's and Grandma wasn't home so she had to keep them. It was my first day back at work and having problems like that just made going back to work worse! I hate having to cancel/change plans when things like that come up!

Family, you can't live with them, you can't live without them!

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Jenifer said...

Oh girl... we need to get together. You have my life!! My Mom complains she has the kids too much, then will compalin she has them too little! Then there was the time I came home to find her asleep on the couch with my 2 year old daughter (thankfully) playing safely on the living room floor !!