Thursday, November 02, 2006

Wedding Plans

We were driving to the par yesterday afternoon to meet some friends when the girls decided to start planning their weddings.

Meenie: Mom, I'm not marrying S. anymore, I want to marry Y.
Mom: That's fine dear, you can marry whoever you want to.
Meenie: We are going to have candy at our wedding. Candy and bubble gum.
Einey: Well, I am marrying M. And we are going to have pony rides.
Meenie: We are going to have balloons.
Einey: Mine is going to be the best wedding evar. We are going to have ponies and pizza.
Meenie: We are going to have cake. And peanut butter and jelly.
All Moe had to add to this conversation was "O". To which I take to mean she is going to marry her best little bud "O".

Then there was a little bit or arguing about whose wedding Mommy was going to go to to which I reassured them that I could (and would) go to both. And then whether or not they would allow their sisters to go.

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ECR said...

That sounds like the conversation Chris and I had before our wedding. We ended up with a mechanical bull at the reception :)