Friday, November 10, 2006

Moe's Mischief

The past few days, Moe has been up to mischief, much more than usual.

1. While I was baking the other night, she grabbed a bag of flour and brought it into the middle of the living room. I saw her out of my eye put something down, but I didn't pay much attention to it until I hear her giggling like crazy. I turned to see her put her little hand into the bag of flour, pull out a handful and blow. The giggles ensued until the last puff of flour fell to the floor. Unfortunately, I couldn't do anything but laugh. She looked so cute standing there with a flour covered face and look of delight on her face for finding a new trick. It was too cute and I was too tired to deal with it. I just grabbed her hand and brought her upstairs to get washed and then put her to bed.

2. At grandma's house, she was in the spare room with grandma. I heard grandma yell and turned to see Moe running across the kitchen with scissors. Opened. Across her belly. Luckily I was able to grab her before she got to far.

3. She decided that she no longer needs to stay in her crib.

4. Or carseat. No matter how tight I put the straps, she manages to get at least one arm out.

5. Or highchair. She now likes to climb out, onto the table and move her food to a big person chair.

6. She likes to run away from me and around the van whenever we go out.

7. She tried to floor me out one morning and fell down the stairs onto the concrete.

8. She pressed all the buttons at the grocery store the other day when she was with the sitter and somehow managed to break the checkout line. I only heard about this when I went into the grocery store and the cashier told her not to touch any buttons today. Apparently it took them awhile to figure out how to fix it.

9. She like to give her self baths. Twice I ran upstairs because I heard water running. Once I found her in the tub. The second time I found her half naked outside of the tub.

10. She found and ate a half a bag of mini reese peanut butter cups at Grandma's house.

At least she has stopped doing her other bad habits as much:

1. Pushing and hitting babies and smaller toddlers (She even tackled a 5 year old once).

2. Drinking from the dogs water dish/dumping the water dish all over the kitchen.

3. Throwing food all over the floor (she only does this 1/2 the time she eats now).

I cannot wait until she outgrows this phase! It's wearing me out.


Eenie the other night, locked her grandmother out of her house. She had to get a ride over to our house and get the spare key to let herself in. I would have thought it was Moe who did it, but Eenie confessed.

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Jenifer said...

Whew, I thought mu daughter was a handful! And how old is Moe?? I'm gonna guess 2?