Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wednesday Rant

Today I went to [insert large chain store here] and of course get completely pissed off. It always happens when I go here and I don’t know why I go back.

My parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary Monday. This weekend, we are planning a party for them. As their gift, I wanted to frame their wedding picture and a baby picture of each of them. My parents don’t have a frames wedding picture of them. They got married by a JP in the office of the company my father worked at. I picked out the frame and then went to make the pictures. Finished and then…. First the tried to say I couldn’t take any of the copies I made (two were from old 3.5x by 4 inch prints taken by relatives). I had to argue with them that they were not professionally done and that I just cropped them to show just my parents (which I did). The third picture was a baby picture of my father, taken somewhere around November of 1941 (65 years ago). The original I had to pry out of the frame and the only info written on it was my fathers name and his age. Two years ago, I had made copies and framed them on the wall above my stairs. This is what I used to try and make a copy of. But since it was a professional picture I could not be allowed to make a copy. However, if I can get a release form from the photographer, I could make all the copies I want.

Which would be great if I knew who/where took the picture (it wasn’t marked). It would also be great if it wasn’t taken 65 years ago (which I tried to argue). Even if I somehow managed to find out who took the picture, they are probably a) so old they don’t remember, b) don’t care or c) deceased. All of which do not help me.

So now I am stuck with a frame in which I have my parents wedding picture and a baby picture of my mom. How’s that for a present?

This store is really one of my least favorite places to go for many reasons I will not get to right now.


And it’s not the first time I had a problem with said store.

There was the time I went to get Einey and Meenie’s pictures taken. I wanted to pay for 3 sittings so I could have individual or each and one of them together. But apparently you are only allowed one sitting (when my friend when 2 days before and got separate sittings). So even though I was willing to pay for each and there was no one else there they wouldn’t let me. I went to a professional had them done and spent lots of money on pictures that probably came out much better.

Another time I went in looking for a soft ball for my dog in the sporting goods section. Not seeing them, I asked a sporting goods employee where I could find them and after giving me a blank stare, they sent me to toys. I later found them in sporting goods where they belong.

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Lauren said...

Okay, so here's what you do. And note that this will take you several tries. Turn on your macro mode on your camera and take a picture of the picture. Or take three hundred. As many as it takes for you to get a great shot of the picture. Then bring your memory card to said store and they will print it out. Afterall, YOU took the picture. :)