Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fishy Fishy and too much TV

Fishy Fishy is an old Gymboree receiving blanket we lovingly purchased for Einey 9 years ago. Our girls never really got attached to lovies, until now. Moe has been carting Fishy Fishy around for months now. It goes in the car and accompanied her to theater for weeks on end. Like any old lovie, Fishy Fishy has picked up some little stains along the way.

Husband picked it up today and remarked bow Fishy Fishy needed to be cleaned. I told him how it was stained. Moe piped in with "yeah,we need to buy some OxiClean to get those tough stains out". We both just laughed...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And we thought buying rubber shaped bracelets was bad...

Because silly bandz* were not bad enough, there's these:

Ring Bandz!!!!!!!!!!!! Get them while you can!


** Silly bandz, rubber shaped bracelets, Bandit-Os - whatever you call them.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Juju-Bean's Coffee Shop

Having a single serve coffee brewer is great. Having one that works (we went through 2 in just under 2 months before the wonderful people at Keurig sent my my third system, their customer service is awesome!) is even greater. Having your own personal coffee barista is beyond awesome.

Sometime over the summer, a new shop moved into town my kitchen. It's called Juju-Bean's Coffee Shop. And henceforth, I was officially fired, no longer allowed to make my own coffee - I got yelled at and chastised and given the stink eye any time I attempted to make myself a cup. It was also declared that from that point forward, all cups of coffee were subject to a $1 per cup charge.
Making the right choice - Mocha Nut Fudge -YUM!

Getting started

Adding just the right amount of Equal - 4 for me - 5 for Dad

Half and Half

A little stir (sometimes ice at this point if it's hot out)

A little taste test - burning hot

Finishing touch - whipped cream - and sometimes caramel

The girl may be 5, but she seriously knows how to make pretty darn good coffee! Now I'm just wondering what I am going to do when she goes back to school!

*For the record, she is completely supervised while making the coffee and knows not to pick up and move the hot cups. We would never let her do this if we thought she would get hurt by it.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Running Hearts


As parents, one our most important job is to nurture our children and help them grow. We always encourage our children to try new things and encourage them to do their best. In June, 8-year-old Einey came home and said she wanted to run in the school's annual 5K summer road race. We're not runners, but this is something she wanted to do. So we signed her up, found her a race partner and encouraged her.

We took her to practice a few times (sadly she likes to sleep in and July was WICKED brutal heat wise) so we didn't practice as much as we should have.

Today, the race day dawned. It was cool and sunny - a perfect day for the race.

And race her heart out she did.

She didn't come in first. But she didn't come in last.

As the racers started to cross the finish line, I just prayed that she would make it to the end. That it wouldn't be too far for her. That she wouldn't give up.

Crossing the finish line, with a smile still on her face

But she still had a smile on her face when she crossed the finish line. Second to last. Her racing partner let her cross first, so that she wouldn't be last (THANK YOU!!!!)

We are so PROUD of our little girl, for having a goal and sticking with it. For putting her heart into it. For running her heart out.

We strive to show our kids that winning isn't important. That we are proud of them as long as they try their hardest. And have fun doing it. And by the smile on her face throughout the race, we can see that our girls are listening and learning. And having fun! And that's all that counts!!!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Living, Loving, Laughing

Whew, it's August already. One month and the girls go back to school. One year and Husband is finished with school (hopefully)!

We've been enjoying the overly hot summer so far. Hiking. Loving. Laughing. Except when we're busy getting stung by bees. On different occasions. Last week, husband and I BOTH stepped on the same underground nest, three hours apart. He suffered 15 stings. I took between 12-14. Only 10-12 of them were to the same spot on my bottom. Oh the joys! But where was I? Oh, the laughing.

If you follow me on facebook, you know my kids have been keeping me (and everyone else) in stitches. Without further adieu, here is the best of their world:

Align Center
Moe to a friend: Can we borrow your baby?
Friend: Yes, I thought you'd never ask.
Me: Um, no.

(Moe is a tad baby obsessed)


Moe to Meenie: You just farted.
Meenie: No, it was Roxie.
Moe: No, it was you.
Meenie: I only fart in my sleep.
Moe: That's impossible.

Moe at 9:30 am handing me a beer - "here mom, want a beer?" Um thanks but not yet...


Meenie: "Daddy, are you going to take a picture of my butt?"
Me: Um, why would Daddy take a picture of your butt?
Meenie: I don;t know, but he's always taking a picture of yours.



Moe: Mom, I just saw a little snake. It was this big (indicating it was over 2 feet long)...


Me: Get a spoon please, your eating Jello.
Moe: But mom, I'm practicing for Oliver.
Me: Because eating applesauce with your hands requires practice ????

Oh the joys of theater....

Those are some of the best lately. Tomorrow we'll talk coffee and how I've been fired......


I was informed that yesterday was Ask a Nosy Question Day.

Is there anything you've ever wanted to ask but haven't? Anything you want to know? Anything you just feel like asking? Unless your Meenie, then please stop whining and asking the same thing over and over.