Sunday, March 30, 2008

Whose with me?

Let's skip April and go right to May. Is anybody with me?

It starts today, which isn't technically April yet, with double birthday parties - one for Einey's friend, one for Meenie's friend. Tomorrow Husband starts a horrendous schedule where he has four (yes FOUR) days off the whole month.

The birthday parties, oh the birthday parties. Rumor has it the there are SEVEN children in Meenie's class celebrating their birthdays in April. We have already heard from four of them. Eieny's class has two, but I think only one of them is having a party. I think we will definitely have to politely decline a few.

Did I mention soccer starts any day now? I haven't heard from either coach, but being soccer VP, I already have the low down on uniforms, coaches, and oh yeah, schedules. Einey has practice Tuesday and Thursday nights. Meenie has practice Wednesday and Friday nights (of course they couldn't have them the same nights, what fun would that be?). Games start on the 19th and are both Saturday mornings with Einey's at 9 and Meenie's anywhere from 10 to 12. Which at least works out, because last season, they had numerous games scheduled at the same time and I found myself running all across the park trying to see both games! I am no looking forward to next season when all three girls can play and of course, be in three different age divisions. At least it's not three hour tee-ball games.

Our Brownies schedule is pretty tame - we have just two events- one meeting and one scouting day at the zoo. Five and a half hours at the zoo. That one, I've already declined, I'm sending Einey of course, with a friend, but I am not taking the other girls and trying to keep them occupied for that long.

I've already volunteered to go into Einey's class and do a project with them once this month. We are going to plant grass seed heads that the kids can take care of. Once the grass grows long enough, they can cut and style it.

Did I also mention that the girls have a week off of school? Yeah I'm thinking we may have to go rollerskating or bowling and spend alot of time at the park. I hope it doesn't rain.

With that schedule, I'm not sure how much yard work I'll get done. I know I can't really plant much until May, but there is still much to be done before hand. Luckily, I've already called a landscaper. And for those who know my yard, he's taking on much of the crap down below. Once it's cleared, I'll just have to bring up the big pieces (which I've already enlisted help for) and I have a friend whose agreed to take that wood. And then, we just need to reseed that area. Then, all that's left is that great hulking pine that's bisecting the yard. I think I'm going to need to call the tree guy and see if he can come cut it into smaller pieces. Hopefully, that will end the yard issues and the kids will have plenty of room to roam!

Oh and Husband just reminded me (as if I'd forget) that his birthday is in 15 days. Luckily I've already got it covered. I've placed the requisite orders with Amazon and Reaper, and will soon be placing one with Vallejo, once he can decide which paints he wants. I've planned time for Moe and I to bake his carrot cake. And he "casually mentioned" he wanted pizza, so that morning, I'll pick up all the ingredients for his favorite pizza's.

Throw in a dentist appointment and I think that's the month in a nutshell.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Morning Kindness

I have a secret.

Sometimes, after dropping Eenie and Meenie off at school, Moe and I go to a quite coffee shop and relax with a cup of coffee (hot chocolate or juice for her) and a breakfast treat. It's our little thing. It took us awhile to do this, I had been hesitant to go, ever since the incidence last year when I would take Meenie and Moe for a treat after dance class.

Today, we did our grocery shopping and stopped in at one of the local coffee places. You know, one with real tables and doesn't have the word "donuts" in it's name. A quick scan of the place showed that there was one couch with no real table left or one of the 3 1/2 foot tall bistro tables. We opted for the tall table and after she placed her order, I sat her up on one of the seats with her snack. As I was waiting for my coffee, yet standing close to Moe in case she decided to try and hop down, a man approached me. "Ma'am, you can have my table - as he gestured to the now empty regular sized table - I'd hate to see her fall." As I thanked him and helped Moe climb down and carry her food over to the table, I thought about nice it was for this stranger to offer up his spot. It was refreshing to see someone who wasn't caught up in his own little world, take the time and offer a stranger a hand.

And on the way out, another gentleman held the door for Moe and I. I know it's not much, but it's nice to see that chivalry isn't gone. Maybe it was karma coming back around - I recently gave a person behind me in line at TRU an extra $10 off gift card I got as a promotion that I wouldn't use by the expiration date (I tend to get doubles so often I just hand them to the person behind me, or with alot of items). What ever it was, it's little rays of kindness like this which puts a little faith back into humanity in my eyes.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Eggs, Eggs Everywhere

And it's not even Easter yet!

And you know what, of course they are the girls FAVORITE toys right now. Why wouldn't they be? We picked up eggs at the town Easter Egg Hunt, Meenie's class hunt, in which the teacher gave Moe a few eggs as well and then today at drop off, a friend gave the girls bags she made which include eggs (and which means Einey will be coming home from school with them as well). The girls have been hiding EVERYTHING in them lately as well. Luckily, they were smart enough to empty the candy and put in into the basket where I will probably toss it when they are not looking give them a piece or two a day. But now I need to constantly keep check on what they are hiding. They have already discovered that many of the LPS toys fit perfectly inside as well as hair accessories. And I happen to know the Easter Bunny is planning on leaving some eggs as well.

What oh what am I going to do with all the eggs and how can I make them magically disappear?


On a side note, I need one of those giant plastic bubbles to put Moe in. She's once again sporting a nice black eye. While entering the grocery store yesterday, she walked into the corner on a garbage can.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Easter - Polish Style

With Easter coming up, I thought I'd write a little about some family traditions. So stop by the New England Mamas and read up on what we do.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekend Recap

Friday was a perfect day by New England standards. The temperature was spring like and since there was a half day of school, the girls spent many hours outside. They played, they fought, they had snacks outside and they drew with sidewalk chalk. Side walk chalk has to be the best invention ever. It's the tool I use when I need to clean the van. Seriously, after a winter with bitter cold weather, who wants to spend time outside cleaning a van? Not I. And so, my van looked like this:

After about an hour and a vacuum, it now looks like this:

I must like bags, as I had a few in the van. I had to toss an old sports bag, so I put the emergency kit in an unused diaper bag under the seat. I refolded the spare blanket and towels and fixed the bag they were in. I need to add snacks to the empty snack box and put fresh clothes in the spare clothes box. But overall, I'm happy with how clean it it. I do need to go over it with the vacuum one more time, getting in the little cracks. I'm tempted to pull the Dyson out, but don't want to ruin it (your not supposed to use it outdoors). I also need to have it shampooed I think. All the toys found their way inside and the trash got tossed. Most disgusting discovery? The half eaten, so rotten it was liquifying and growing red mold in one of the rear cup holders. Why didn't I smell it decaying because fruit smells when it decays? There was a towel wadded up over over it, so no smell leached out. It. was. nasty. I gagged and then lysoled it after I cleaned it out. Grossest thing evah! I need to make sure I leave enough time for breakfast in the morning s so we are not grabbing fruit on the way out the door. See the air pump in the bottom left hand corner? That's so I can constantly put air in my tire that keeps going flat.

I didn't get to clean the trunk area as it currently contains the jungle gym. The girls cannot wait until it gets set up. I'm excited as well. It has to be the coolest backyard play thing ever (and no, that's not the price we paid for it). Unfortunately, at over 100 pounds, I cannot move it by myself and was not about to drop in on my feet opening the back of the van.

Saturday, we saw the Easter Bunny and leprechauns at the town's Easter Egg / Pot of Gold Hunt. Moe was of course scared. And then went to have cake and ice cream with my sister and my mom. They called that morning to say they were having cake for my mom. Happy Birthday mom! Oh and we found the ladybug.

And Sunday. I spent it cleaning and hope to work on some summer clothes for the girls. I have a few dresses cut, I just need to sit down and start sewing!


Did you know babies actually DO come with manuals? I found two while cleaning. While you check out the baby manuals, take a look at the FREE stuff I have to give away and leave a comment.

I like ladybugs...

...when they are dead.

~Moe age 3

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Springy Surprises

We spent 2 straight hours outside after school today. We haven't done that in forever. The girls fought played while I scooped 3 months worth of dog crap and then raked the play yard. I left the leaves around the plants and that's it. While poking around, I found these growing under the stairs. While I'll leave the mums or whatever they are, I will have to dig up the thistle. While it's nice to look at, its in a highly trafficed area and I'd hate for anyone to get picked by it.

And these? I forgot I threw a bunch of bulbs in the ground on this part of the fence. It was a very pleseant surprise and I can't wait to see them all the way up.

Happy spring! And if your in New England, take these wonderful days when you can, you never know when the next one will be!


Want to see how my spring cleaning progresses? Visit my new blog here!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Best mini trip ever

I know I've mentioned our little jaunts to the small pet store in town before. We are frequent customers as we need to pick up crickets 1 to 2x per week to feed the lizards (which, btw, we are contemplating getting more of). Over the past six months we've been frequenting this place, the kids have really come to enjoy our small trips. And of course, the owner/workers have come to recognize us as well.

On normal trips, we go in, browse the animals. The girls like to see what's new or what's been sold. They talk to Jake the Parrot. They stand and watch the high school students who come in to change the cages. One morning, when it was just Moe and I, she stood there for a half an hour watching a girl put together a fresh cage, pull out rodents to place in the new cage. Clean the old cage and start over. Moe was just fascinated with watching her.

Three weeks ago, their were some baby bunnies, about a month old. The owner looks at the girls and said, "do you want to hold one?" So of course, we stood there for a half hour holding a bunny. In trips since, the girls have watched as one by one the baby bunnies have grown and been sold. There is one left, but it is significantly larger than it was a month ago. To the point that Moe asked "where are all the baby bunnies". The owner, upon hearing this, looks at the girls and says "you want to see baby bunnies? Come here but you have to be real quiet." She led the girls through a back room into another room and there, in the quiet space was a mother bunny and her four newborn babies. They were three days old and still pretty hairless. They were pretty darn cute! The girls of course, loved this little treat.

Within the next year, there will be a big box pet store opening in town, along with other large box stores. Some we are eagerly anticipating (because really, I HATE driving an hour just for Husband to by paintbrushes and other supplies, so thank god they are building an art store!). I just hope that our small pet store will be able to survive when the big one opens. I for one, still plan on visiting our little favorite spot. I know the girls will still prefer their little treats.

Ladybug, Ladybug, fly away home

Ladybug, Ladybug, fly away home..

If your like me, it's that time of year that ladybugs have invaded your house. And while I know they're here, I tend to ignore them. I leave them in peace, crawling along the ceiling or walking on the window as I go about my day. Occasionally, if I see one in the sink or on the floor, I'll move it to the safety of a plant. And this seems to work.

Moe on the other hand, sees a ladybug and run in the opposite direction screaming her head off while hysterically crying. I've gotten her the tolerate them in the same room as her, as long as they stay on the ceiling. She has even gotten to the comfort level of having them on the floor, she just gives them a real wide arc as she walks as far away from them as possible. This was all fine and dandy until yesterday. I put her upstairs for her nap quiet time and just as I was settling down to rest myself I heard


This was as she's sobbing and flying out of her room. This came a day after she screamed bloody murder the whole ride from picking her sister up from school to dropping girl scout cookies off at a friends house. Distance: 1 mile. Time: Under two minutes. Cause: There was a ladybug on the window but not touching her.

We finally told her to suck it up. It's a ladybug. It's not going to eat her, bite her, sting her or suck her brains out.

Hopefully she grows out of it before spring comes and the bugs REALLY come out.

On aside note, it's odd to see her afraid of bugs (and it's not just ladybugs, it's spiders, ants, anything). Her sisters LOVE bugs. Einey is always finding something and with the amount of time spent outside, I hope she outgrows this phase soon!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Put a smile on her face

To see just what happened to put a smile on my face, look over here.

Here's a great blog I've been reading, The Junk Pyramid. In fact, she's inspired me to do a little cleaning myself. The other day while one of the girls was taking her sweet time in the bathroom, I cleaned out under the sink tossing many items we didn't use and were no longer needed. Then I opened the two drawers and cleaned them out, and put all the kids hair ties and clips in their boxes so I could actually find them when I wanted them. Next up was the nightstand and then the hall closet. I now actually have room to store stuff! Some things tossed were bottles of old perfume and cologne, a brand of contact solution that neither of us use, old tub toys, old magazines, pieces to our old vacuum, plastic bags, an old bath pillow, empty bottles (no clue why they were saved) and various other little pieces of old things.