Monday, March 03, 2008

Put a smile on her face

To see just what happened to put a smile on my face, look over here.

Here's a great blog I've been reading, The Junk Pyramid. In fact, she's inspired me to do a little cleaning myself. The other day while one of the girls was taking her sweet time in the bathroom, I cleaned out under the sink tossing many items we didn't use and were no longer needed. Then I opened the two drawers and cleaned them out, and put all the kids hair ties and clips in their boxes so I could actually find them when I wanted them. Next up was the nightstand and then the hall closet. I now actually have room to store stuff! Some things tossed were bottles of old perfume and cologne, a brand of contact solution that neither of us use, old tub toys, old magazines, pieces to our old vacuum, plastic bags, an old bath pillow, empty bottles (no clue why they were saved) and various other little pieces of old things.


Stimey said...

Thanks for the shout-out! I also have been finding things like empty bottles. Why? Why? Why would I keep these?

Anonymous said...

The local Vets leave donation bags in our area mail boxes with a set pick up date-yippie! I just load then up and place then at the hubby to go through his closet last week. Great news, we can walk into the closet again AND our donations go for a good cause!

Mac and Cheese said...

Yikes! Too ambitious for me. I'm just glad I got my pantry sorted out.

Alex Elliot said...

For some reason I have the hardest time getting rid of old shampoo bottles. They just seem to accumulate. I recycled three of them last week.