Sunday, March 30, 2008

Whose with me?

Let's skip April and go right to May. Is anybody with me?

It starts today, which isn't technically April yet, with double birthday parties - one for Einey's friend, one for Meenie's friend. Tomorrow Husband starts a horrendous schedule where he has four (yes FOUR) days off the whole month.

The birthday parties, oh the birthday parties. Rumor has it the there are SEVEN children in Meenie's class celebrating their birthdays in April. We have already heard from four of them. Eieny's class has two, but I think only one of them is having a party. I think we will definitely have to politely decline a few.

Did I mention soccer starts any day now? I haven't heard from either coach, but being soccer VP, I already have the low down on uniforms, coaches, and oh yeah, schedules. Einey has practice Tuesday and Thursday nights. Meenie has practice Wednesday and Friday nights (of course they couldn't have them the same nights, what fun would that be?). Games start on the 19th and are both Saturday mornings with Einey's at 9 and Meenie's anywhere from 10 to 12. Which at least works out, because last season, they had numerous games scheduled at the same time and I found myself running all across the park trying to see both games! I am no looking forward to next season when all three girls can play and of course, be in three different age divisions. At least it's not three hour tee-ball games.

Our Brownies schedule is pretty tame - we have just two events- one meeting and one scouting day at the zoo. Five and a half hours at the zoo. That one, I've already declined, I'm sending Einey of course, with a friend, but I am not taking the other girls and trying to keep them occupied for that long.

I've already volunteered to go into Einey's class and do a project with them once this month. We are going to plant grass seed heads that the kids can take care of. Once the grass grows long enough, they can cut and style it.

Did I also mention that the girls have a week off of school? Yeah I'm thinking we may have to go rollerskating or bowling and spend alot of time at the park. I hope it doesn't rain.

With that schedule, I'm not sure how much yard work I'll get done. I know I can't really plant much until May, but there is still much to be done before hand. Luckily, I've already called a landscaper. And for those who know my yard, he's taking on much of the crap down below. Once it's cleared, I'll just have to bring up the big pieces (which I've already enlisted help for) and I have a friend whose agreed to take that wood. And then, we just need to reseed that area. Then, all that's left is that great hulking pine that's bisecting the yard. I think I'm going to need to call the tree guy and see if he can come cut it into smaller pieces. Hopefully, that will end the yard issues and the kids will have plenty of room to roam!

Oh and Husband just reminded me (as if I'd forget) that his birthday is in 15 days. Luckily I've already got it covered. I've placed the requisite orders with Amazon and Reaper, and will soon be placing one with Vallejo, once he can decide which paints he wants. I've planned time for Moe and I to bake his carrot cake. And he "casually mentioned" he wanted pizza, so that morning, I'll pick up all the ingredients for his favorite pizza's.

Throw in a dentist appointment and I think that's the month in a nutshell.

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