Thursday, April 29, 2010

Spring has Sprung

Picking up where we left off two months ago.....

I haven't meant to neglect this space, but life continues to spin and time marches on. It seems like every year, spring arrives and brings with it the hustle and bustle but fails to bring more hours in a day. Oh sure, we get more daylight, but what we could really use is more actual hours.

Cinderella is done and over. The girls did great on their first production. Einey has moved on and is currently working on Annie Jr., set to be preformed in June. So the movie is viewed often. Verses of "dumb dog" and "life isn't fair" are often heard sung around these parts. Oddly, it's Moe doing the singing.....

I've broken two Keurig's. Well not broken but well - something happened. We purchased K1 February 5th. Three weeks later, it started only brewing 1/2 cups - 3 ounces for large. March 12, we returned it for a new one. Two weeks later, K2 did the same thing. K3 was shipped as a replacement and has now been in operation for 3 days. Here's to keeping our fingers crossed!

Roxie the wonder pup is growing tall. We knew she's be a big pup, but still, it's amazing how much she's grown over the last few months! Potty training is done and over with - there may have been a frantic message to a certain dog trainer that went unanswered - that week was just horrible but proved to be a turning point. She now lets us know when she needs to go out and we are more aware of her cues. When her water dish is empty, she'll go over to the sink and jump up (which we are now trying to discourage, but also amazed that she knows what she wants).

Cheer leading is finished but soccer has begun. I love coaching and was happy to see most of our team back. The older girls have their full team back as well.

School is pushing on for everyone. But summer vacation is coming up fast. We don't have any real plans mainly because the Husband will be continuing school throughout the summer. We think. Concrete plans and planning ahead do not seem to be a forte of his employers and is a huge point of discontent on my behalf. I cannot plan and run every one's schedules if I don't even know what is will be 1 week from now. But enough about that.

We are planning our first letter boxing event and I am nervous as heck. I am so worried that people will not be happy or that their isn't going to be enough to keep people interested. That and I cannot get the Husband to sit down and carve. We are excited though as alot of people are signed up to attend. I just hope they are not disappointed.

Boredom kind of reigns right now - the days are long while the kids are at school. Next year, I definitely plan on finding something more to do. I can only show up at playgroup so many times alone before they gang up and kick me out. Or send me home with more kids.