Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Moe Does it Again

By now, I am convinced that Moe is half cat, although she has far exceeded 9 lives and she only recently turned two. Or she has a guardian angel looking out for her. Either way, I know one of these days she's not going to be so lucky.

Today, we stopped at the local coffee shop after ballet. The one the girls like because they serve them milk in little coffee cups. The girls had to go to the bathroom, so we trudged down the antique laden hallway to the bathroom that is in the midst of being redone. Both girls went to the bathroom, had their clothes put back on and I was just finishing washing Meanie's hands. Five more seconds and we would have been out the door and heading back to finish our drinks and snacks.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Moe start to back up and scream. Before I could react, the 7 foot tall mirror that was leaning on the wall came tumbling over sending her falling backwards and crashing over her little body. The crash echoed like thunder and caused all three of us to scream. In seconds I scooped her up, tossing the broken mirror to the side. We made it back down to the coffee shop with Moe crying, tears streaming down her face and me just shaking. As we washed her off, I was glad to see the only wounds were a few superficial cuts to her hands and cheek. I called her Doctor and he said just keep an eye one her but it sounds like she will be just fine.

I just thank God that there's someone watching out for her.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The End is Here - It's Finally Over!

Last night was husband's last night on at work!

He has been working 12 hour nights, 6 straight days a week since the beginning of September. Except for his one night off a week, I see him one and a half hours a day (which is usually what time he spends bathing and eating so it really isn't quality time)!

But the end is here! Last night was the last night! Now he's home for 5 whole days!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What a Craptastic Day

This was just a crappy day all around (and I’m not talking about the IBS that decided to happen and caused me to run out of breakfast on my friends this morning).

Besides the previous post, here is a list of crappy things that happened today.

a) Moe peed in her car seat, but because I needed to find a babysitter, I didn’t have time to wash it, so she had to ride in a pee filled car seat.

b) I made it to my appointment and ended up waiting in the exam room for almost 2 hours to be seen by the doctor. Naked. It was cold!

c) Einey went to bed late as she had to do her homework (which got delayed) by my doctor’s appointment.

d) I didn’t get to see husband at all.

On a brighter side, I had a message in my voicemail on my cell phone today.

"Hi, sorry I have the wrong number, but you sound very cute. Have a nice day"
Well Mr. Wrong Number Dialer, you have a very nice voice yourself. Thanks for giving me one thing to smile about today!

I guess tomorrow can only get better, right?

Caught in the Act

The other night, I decided to have some chips as a snack on the way home. In the van. In the dark. Immediately after I pop the first one into my mouth I hear:

Einey: Mom, what are you eating?
Meenie: I hear something.
Einey: I smell chips. Are you eating Doritos?
Me: Um...(crunch, crunch) no.
Einey: It smells like Doritos. I hear you crunching. What are you eating?
Meenie: Are they orange?
Moe: Uhh, uhh... (apparently she could see me)
Me: Nothing. I'm not eating anything.
After about 5 minutes of them grilling me, I gave in and told the truth. They are way to clever for their own good!

It Happens Again

Once again, I made arrangements with the grandparents (the other set this time) to watch the girls while I go to my annual Dr. appointment. At least they had the decency to call 2 hours before my appointment and cancel. I was lucky enough to find a friend willing to watch the three while I went.

The kicker though? I made arraignments with them to keep the girls over night over a month ago so I can surprise the husband with a night out. I got tickets to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra and we made semi-plans to meet some friends after. It was supposed to be our first full night out without the kids (we've gone out for dinner or a movie a few times). And what do they say today when they call? "Oh and can you find other arraignments for the girls Saturday, we don't think we can take them?" WTF? It's the first time we've ever even asked this. It's not like we freeload on them every single weekend so we can go out partying!

The last night husband and I spent alone together was the Christmas Eve, 5 years ago - the night before Einey was born. And even that wasn't completely alone as we had to wake up at midnight for Mass.

One freaking time that we ask for something and of course they have to screw it up.

But whenever they want to take the kids, we have to bring them over right away. There was one time when the girls had rotovirus and they still tried to get us to let them take them to a Christmas Party. We have to make sure we are always available so they can take them to their company's annual Christmas/Easter/Halloween Parties (regardless of whether we had plans or not). We stopped telling the girls when they want them to sleep over because they always wait to the last minute to bail (even when they are the ones asking for them on specific nights and I have to change plans to suit them).

Whenever we visit them, we end up staying awhile to visit. We arrive around the time dinner is supposed to be served (but for some reason, it is usually an hour later) and stay a bit helping them clean up after dessert. We then stay for a bit of conversation. If they come over for dinner, they arrive right when dinner is ready to be served and leave within 5 minutes of dessert being finished. For holidays they come, let the girls open their gifts and leave shortly after.

Once, we had plans to go to Vermont to visit friends and they were going to keep our dog for the weekend. At the last minute, they cancelled on us. So we had to endure a 4 hour car ride with Dog in tow. Never again! After that, we found a good kennel that we can leave her at when we need to (which isn't often at all)!

Here's to hoping I can find a sitter so we can go out!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Video Games

With the release of the new Playstation 3 (PS3) the other day, news travels of people waiting in line for 2 or 3 days, others being trampled and even one person being shot.

The case with the person being shot during an attempted robbery while he waited in line for his PS3 happened one town over from where I currently sit. Apparently two 15-17 year olds tried to rob the dozen people waiting in line for their PS3. The victim is still in the hospital, but will be recieving a free PS3 from the store when he recovers.

Of course, with news like this, my email already received correspondence from friends asking how to keep their kids away from video games.

My own beliefs are that video games are not the cause of the violence we saw here. I feel that blaming video games is just another way to pass the blame. It's a media influenced scapegoat for parents who are to busy to do their job and actually raise/parent their children. I believe that supervising kids with video games is the key.

My husband has grown up with video game consoles since the Comador 64 era. He currently owns numerous game systems and does play. Does he feel the urge to go out and shoot someone? As far as I know, no.

When Einey was younger (and we actually had more time to relax) he would sit on the floor playing his game and she would be right there next o him, with the spare controller in hand, playing a game with daddy. Will he play games with gore and tons of violence? No. But in the games some creatures die. At 4, Einey knows fact from fiction. She knows what is real and what is make-believe. So to say that teenagers cannot tell that the games they play on TV is not real is completely incomprehensible.

For Christmas, we have discussed getting Einey some kid friendly games to play on both the PS2 , Game Cube and Game Boy Advance (which will now be hers as Daddy has a new DS Lite). Will we be careful with what we buy her? You bet.

Video games, like movies and music all come with a rating. I have heard of numerous reports from parents who claim not to know how violent a games is, despite being the one who purchased the game in the first place.

So basically I feel parents should spend more time with their children being parents and less time letting their teachers, friends and TV's raise their kids for them.

New Games

The girls have learned a few new games they like to play.

Meenie: Stop touching me
Einey: I'm not touching you (while pointer finger is hovering a mere 1/2 inch from her sisters arm)
Meenie: Stop touching me
Einey: I'm not touching you
Meenie: Stop touching me
Einey: It's free air -- then lick
Meenie: Eww your gross!

Giggles and reverse.
  • Another favorite is the beloved copy-cat game where every word, sound, screech is repeated.
  • The there's the hand slap game which ends up with someone crying.
  • And last but not least is hide and seek where they always hide in the last person's hiding place, making it very easy to find each other.


Looking at the map on another blog of places she visited made me want to do one of my own.

The result? I have visited a mere 37$% of states and all of them fall in the Eastern United States. In addition, I've travelled very briefly to Canada, St. Johns and St. Thomas (USVI) and Purto Rico.

One of these days I will be able to expand my travel map. Places high on my list of must see: Stonehenge, most of Europe, China, Bali, Australia, New Zealand, the rest of the Caribbean, Egypt, the Galapagos Islands and Antarctica.

create your own personalized map of the USA

Give it a shot!

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Having family who live close by is usually a blessing. However, it is also a headache.

Our only babysitters are family. I try to make appointments on Tuesdays so that I know the girls are in good hands at Grandma's house while I go to my appointment. However, more and more, it is proving to be a hassle.

Tuesday, Meenie had her first dental visit. My plan was to drop Moe off at Grandmas and bring just Meenie. When I got to Grandma's no one was home. So I had to take Moe with me. By the grace of God, Moe actually sat still the whole appointment. She even got to pick a tattoo from the toy basket and got a new toothbrush and toothpaste. However on the way home, I look into the rearview mirror and there's Moe, toothpaste container half empty in her mouth and blue sparkling toothpaste smeared all over her face, jacket and car seat. Luckily, it looks like most was all over her and not ingested. Part of me wants to blame Grandma, because if she was home like she was supposed to be, Moe wouldn't have had toothpaste. The rational side blames myself for leaving it within her reach.

Regardless, it's not the first time Grandma has stood me up. It's a pain as I have to drive 15-20 minutes just to get there and then usually backtrack to my appointments. One time, my friend was supposed to drop the girls of at Grandma's and Grandma wasn't home so she had to keep them. It was my first day back at work and having problems like that just made going back to work worse! I hate having to cancel/change plans when things like that come up!

Family, you can't live with them, you can't live without them!

Coffee for Toddlers

Yesterday, when I stopped at a local coffee shop, I got Meenie and Moe some milk. Only the milk was served in little to-go coffee cups. Moe was in heaven. She held her cup, smiled and said "my coffee". I need to get more of those cups!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wednesday Rant

Today I went to [insert large chain store here] and of course get completely pissed off. It always happens when I go here and I don’t know why I go back.

My parents celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary Monday. This weekend, we are planning a party for them. As their gift, I wanted to frame their wedding picture and a baby picture of each of them. My parents don’t have a frames wedding picture of them. They got married by a JP in the office of the company my father worked at. I picked out the frame and then went to make the pictures. Finished and then…. First the tried to say I couldn’t take any of the copies I made (two were from old 3.5x by 4 inch prints taken by relatives). I had to argue with them that they were not professionally done and that I just cropped them to show just my parents (which I did). The third picture was a baby picture of my father, taken somewhere around November of 1941 (65 years ago). The original I had to pry out of the frame and the only info written on it was my fathers name and his age. Two years ago, I had made copies and framed them on the wall above my stairs. This is what I used to try and make a copy of. But since it was a professional picture I could not be allowed to make a copy. However, if I can get a release form from the photographer, I could make all the copies I want.

Which would be great if I knew who/where took the picture (it wasn’t marked). It would also be great if it wasn’t taken 65 years ago (which I tried to argue). Even if I somehow managed to find out who took the picture, they are probably a) so old they don’t remember, b) don’t care or c) deceased. All of which do not help me.

So now I am stuck with a frame in which I have my parents wedding picture and a baby picture of my mom. How’s that for a present?

This store is really one of my least favorite places to go for many reasons I will not get to right now.


And it’s not the first time I had a problem with said store.

There was the time I went to get Einey and Meenie’s pictures taken. I wanted to pay for 3 sittings so I could have individual or each and one of them together. But apparently you are only allowed one sitting (when my friend when 2 days before and got separate sittings). So even though I was willing to pay for each and there was no one else there they wouldn’t let me. I went to a professional had them done and spent lots of money on pictures that probably came out much better.

Another time I went in looking for a soft ball for my dog in the sporting goods section. Not seeing them, I asked a sporting goods employee where I could find them and after giving me a blank stare, they sent me to toys. I later found them in sporting goods where they belong.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Moe's Mischief

The past few days, Moe has been up to mischief, much more than usual.

1. While I was baking the other night, she grabbed a bag of flour and brought it into the middle of the living room. I saw her out of my eye put something down, but I didn't pay much attention to it until I hear her giggling like crazy. I turned to see her put her little hand into the bag of flour, pull out a handful and blow. The giggles ensued until the last puff of flour fell to the floor. Unfortunately, I couldn't do anything but laugh. She looked so cute standing there with a flour covered face and look of delight on her face for finding a new trick. It was too cute and I was too tired to deal with it. I just grabbed her hand and brought her upstairs to get washed and then put her to bed.

2. At grandma's house, she was in the spare room with grandma. I heard grandma yell and turned to see Moe running across the kitchen with scissors. Opened. Across her belly. Luckily I was able to grab her before she got to far.

3. She decided that she no longer needs to stay in her crib.

4. Or carseat. No matter how tight I put the straps, she manages to get at least one arm out.

5. Or highchair. She now likes to climb out, onto the table and move her food to a big person chair.

6. She likes to run away from me and around the van whenever we go out.

7. She tried to floor me out one morning and fell down the stairs onto the concrete.

8. She pressed all the buttons at the grocery store the other day when she was with the sitter and somehow managed to break the checkout line. I only heard about this when I went into the grocery store and the cashier told her not to touch any buttons today. Apparently it took them awhile to figure out how to fix it.

9. She like to give her self baths. Twice I ran upstairs because I heard water running. Once I found her in the tub. The second time I found her half naked outside of the tub.

10. She found and ate a half a bag of mini reese peanut butter cups at Grandma's house.

At least she has stopped doing her other bad habits as much:

1. Pushing and hitting babies and smaller toddlers (She even tackled a 5 year old once).

2. Drinking from the dogs water dish/dumping the water dish all over the kitchen.

3. Throwing food all over the floor (she only does this 1/2 the time she eats now).

I cannot wait until she outgrows this phase! It's wearing me out.


Eenie the other night, locked her grandmother out of her house. She had to get a ride over to our house and get the spare key to let herself in. I would have thought it was Moe who did it, but Eenie confessed.

Friday, November 03, 2006

A Call to Arms

Yesterday, my RL friend posted this on her blog. Today she followed up with an email to friends asking for support and advice.

I am willing to support her in anyway I can. I have already forwarded this email onto friends and my hope, with linking to her post, is that you as readers, can offer your insight. What can we, as parents, do to help the future generation? How can we give our children the support they need in school? How can we ensure that the schools are doing their best to educate our children? If you have any ideas on how we can make a difference, please stop by and share them!

Please stop by ECR's blog and offer her your advice!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Wedding Plans

We were driving to the par yesterday afternoon to meet some friends when the girls decided to start planning their weddings.

Meenie: Mom, I'm not marrying S. anymore, I want to marry Y.
Mom: That's fine dear, you can marry whoever you want to.
Meenie: We are going to have candy at our wedding. Candy and bubble gum.
Einey: Well, I am marrying M. And we are going to have pony rides.
Meenie: We are going to have balloons.
Einey: Mine is going to be the best wedding evar. We are going to have ponies and pizza.
Meenie: We are going to have cake. And peanut butter and jelly.
All Moe had to add to this conversation was "O". To which I take to mean she is going to marry her best little bud "O".

Then there was a little bit or arguing about whose wedding Mommy was going to go to to which I reassured them that I could (and would) go to both. And then whether or not they would allow their sisters to go.

Trick Or Treat

We went trick or treating the other night to about 15 house. The girls had a blast. Oddly, we only saw two other small groups of kids (our group had 7 kids - 2 families). The kids were running across lawns and racing up stairs. It reminded me of how I miss being young!

About halfway around the cul-de-sac, Moe was starting to struggle with her pumpkin bucket. So I stopped at the van and emptied it out for her. She was a little upset as she thought Mommy took all her candy. Everytime someone would giver her something, she would walk over to us and say "candy".

At the second to last house, Moe was standing there patiently waiting for her candy. As the older kids turned to go down the stairs, Moe looks up and asks "more?" The guy whose house we were at looks down and says "you want more? Okay". So Moe gets a big smile and says "more?" Plop, a third candy pops into her basket. One more try had Mom saying that it was time to go. The guy looks at me and says "It doesn't hurt to ask right?"

I think the older kids were all trying to figure out how Moe scored extra candy...