Thursday, November 02, 2006

Trick Or Treat

We went trick or treating the other night to about 15 house. The girls had a blast. Oddly, we only saw two other small groups of kids (our group had 7 kids - 2 families). The kids were running across lawns and racing up stairs. It reminded me of how I miss being young!

About halfway around the cul-de-sac, Moe was starting to struggle with her pumpkin bucket. So I stopped at the van and emptied it out for her. She was a little upset as she thought Mommy took all her candy. Everytime someone would giver her something, she would walk over to us and say "candy".

At the second to last house, Moe was standing there patiently waiting for her candy. As the older kids turned to go down the stairs, Moe looks up and asks "more?" The guy whose house we were at looks down and says "you want more? Okay". So Moe gets a big smile and says "more?" Plop, a third candy pops into her basket. One more try had Mom saying that it was time to go. The guy looks at me and says "It doesn't hurt to ask right?"

I think the older kids were all trying to figure out how Moe scored extra candy...

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