Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Moe Does it Again

By now, I am convinced that Moe is half cat, although she has far exceeded 9 lives and she only recently turned two. Or she has a guardian angel looking out for her. Either way, I know one of these days she's not going to be so lucky.

Today, we stopped at the local coffee shop after ballet. The one the girls like because they serve them milk in little coffee cups. The girls had to go to the bathroom, so we trudged down the antique laden hallway to the bathroom that is in the midst of being redone. Both girls went to the bathroom, had their clothes put back on and I was just finishing washing Meanie's hands. Five more seconds and we would have been out the door and heading back to finish our drinks and snacks.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Moe start to back up and scream. Before I could react, the 7 foot tall mirror that was leaning on the wall came tumbling over sending her falling backwards and crashing over her little body. The crash echoed like thunder and caused all three of us to scream. In seconds I scooped her up, tossing the broken mirror to the side. We made it back down to the coffee shop with Moe crying, tears streaming down her face and me just shaking. As we washed her off, I was glad to see the only wounds were a few superficial cuts to her hands and cheek. I called her Doctor and he said just keep an eye one her but it sounds like she will be just fine.

I just thank God that there's someone watching out for her.


ECR said...

Whoa. I'm so glad that turned out alright. It sounds like that mirror was something of an accident waiting to happen--whoever owns that building needs to be more careful.

MMM said...

It was at V.S.

Jenifer said...

OMG! I'm so glad she's ok! That must have taken 10 years off YOUR life!! I think our daughters (Paige turned 2 in August) would be serious trouble makers!