Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love is...

...letting your loved one's sleep in.

...ignoring gigantic messes as you make your way out to the car for a trip to a destination unknown.

... watching new DVD's in the van, even though it doesn't follow our "longer than an hour rule"

...having lunch amid anatomic animals and fake thunderstorms.

...hiking by historic castles, ignoring the mud beneath our feet.

...having a great day, despite not seeing any eagles.

...a simple dinner and bottle of wine at home

...snuggling up for a movie, five bodies close by.

Today was a great day. It started off a bit anxiety on my part (but medication does wonders) and soon we were off to destinations unknown. We took the girls to the Rain Forest Cafe for lunch - a place they've been begging to visit. I think it lived up to their expectations, however, Meenie was a bit freaked out during the "thunderstorms". You can tell my girls don't go to the Mall much, they were complete gawkers! Then we travelled down Route 9 to Gillette's Castle, hoping to catch a sight of the bald eagles who winter along the CT river. We didn't see any eagles, but the girls loved playing hide and seek among the castle walls and then frolicking down the trails in search of letterboxes (the two we tried to find we missing :( ).

Then we enjoyed a long trek back, through meandering country roads.

*There was no candy, flowers, jewelry (unless you count the heart earrings we picked up for the girls at Claire's) or other "Hallmarkish" holiday gifts over here. Just a fun day spent with family, doing things we all loved. And it was fantastic!


Our choice of music once we shut the DVD off was Milkshake. And we defiantly had a "bit of sunshine" today! You can still win a copy of their newest DVD, screen play, over here, as well as concert tickets!

Monday, February 09, 2009

Nothing to see here except a giveaway or two.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Thrilling Thursday

Today is thrilling Thursday. Which meant, the girls were allowed to wear whatever wacky things they wanted to school. Mismatched, inside out, backwards. Whatever.

This morning Einey grabbed a purple shirt and khaki colored cords. I asked her what else? A t-shirt on top? Short over the pants? A tie or wacky belt? A skirt? She looked up and said "just thins, I don't want to look stupid". Um, that's the point kiddo. "Fine, I'll just wear my uniform then. We finally got her excited and she did end up with a wacky outfit. It was wackier, but she shed the tie at the last moment citing "I look like a guy". I think it was because we just told her not to lose it. She ended up with a blue pin stripped dress shirt, the khaki colored cords, a pink paisly skirt, two different colored socks and a two different sneakers.

Meenie, however fully embraced the wackiness. However, her outfit, very wacky, wasn't too off from her regular attire. She wore a blue long sleever tee, topped with a megenta horse tee shirt, jeans, an orange skirt, two different socks, two different sneakers and a head full of braids with different elastics at the end.

It wasn't long ago that Eieny didn't give what she was wearing a second thought. it just goes to show she's growing up.

I miss my little wacky girl though!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Lost and Found

This morning, when I dropped the girls off at school, I took another long walk down to the main office. "I'd like to check the lost and found. Again". It seems like once a week, I'm there, looking for a lost item. It wasn't there. It never is. My next stop, was the cafeteria. Nope, nada. My last stop was second grade. Nope, it wasn't laying around there either. This time, it was a Tupperware sandwich box. Last time, a mitten. The time before that, a cardigan. And those are just the things that are not found before leaving school. It's been mentioned a few times, how they've found her stuff in the cafeteria, on the playground, etc. and returned it to her during school. One time, I was picking her up as she was being called down to the office to claim her hat. They know. They know what is her's. With three kids all at the same school, it's only Einey who comes home with half her stuff.

So far, we've lost (in the last month):
1 red button up cardigan
1 pair of red school sweatpants Yah! I actually just found these after looking for four weeks. they were in, of all places, her jeans drawer. Which is not surprising we didn't find because A) all her uniform pieces are usually hanging up and B) she hates jeans.
1 knitted/fleece mitten
1 Tupperware sandwich container
(why is everything Einey's???)

But judging from her gene's it's not hard to see that the apple doesn't fall that far from the tree. I cannot tell you how many times Husband has lost something that is right there in front of him. It infuriates me when he has his 7 days off every five weeks and waits until 5 minutes before he's due to walk out the door to make sure he has everything he needs for work. He usually doesn't. And I'm supposed to know where they are.

And found:
1 fork

Husband called tonight to tell me he found the fork at work someone mistakenly picked up last night. I had to LMAO and tell him I wasn't worried about the damn fork. His reply "I was worried about the fork, because then we wouldn't have a complete set and I'd have to throw away a spoon, salad fork, knife, etc. Or buy a single fork". Damn OCD! I'm still LMFAO!

Now if only we could find the rest of the missing items!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Art of Language

The other day, we were playing the Wii and I was helping Moe with Mario Kart. I must get frustrated with her because before I could say anything, she looked up and said "I'm pressing the damn button".


Another night, Husband was playing another game on the Wii and we hear F.. and then nothing. Just F. Then we hear Einey say, "you mean fuccen, or however that's spelled, right dad". A few minutes later, he gives the game the one fingered salute and she's right there pointing her finger (a different finger) right along side of him.


Last night, coming home from a meeting, the car infront of me got out of our left turn lane, and then proceeded to turn left from the right turn lane anyway. I may have muttered "Jackass" but I swear it was under my breath. Needless to say, I hear Meenie ask from two rows back "you need gas"? Uh no. "Well why did you say that then?". To which Einey replied, "she didn't say gas, she said jackass". And then she proceeded to tell them how jackass is just another word for a donkey and thus, not bad to say.

Oy vey!