Thursday, February 05, 2009

Thrilling Thursday

Today is thrilling Thursday. Which meant, the girls were allowed to wear whatever wacky things they wanted to school. Mismatched, inside out, backwards. Whatever.

This morning Einey grabbed a purple shirt and khaki colored cords. I asked her what else? A t-shirt on top? Short over the pants? A tie or wacky belt? A skirt? She looked up and said "just thins, I don't want to look stupid". Um, that's the point kiddo. "Fine, I'll just wear my uniform then. We finally got her excited and she did end up with a wacky outfit. It was wackier, but she shed the tie at the last moment citing "I look like a guy". I think it was because we just told her not to lose it. She ended up with a blue pin stripped dress shirt, the khaki colored cords, a pink paisly skirt, two different colored socks and a two different sneakers.

Meenie, however fully embraced the wackiness. However, her outfit, very wacky, wasn't too off from her regular attire. She wore a blue long sleever tee, topped with a megenta horse tee shirt, jeans, an orange skirt, two different socks, two different sneakers and a head full of braids with different elastics at the end.

It wasn't long ago that Eieny didn't give what she was wearing a second thought. it just goes to show she's growing up.

I miss my little wacky girl though!

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Super Mega Dad said...

That's awesome that you can just go crazy and let the kids wear whatever they like. Gives them a little bit of independence and creativity. Sounds like they are growing up fast!