Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Lost and Found

This morning, when I dropped the girls off at school, I took another long walk down to the main office. "I'd like to check the lost and found. Again". It seems like once a week, I'm there, looking for a lost item. It wasn't there. It never is. My next stop, was the cafeteria. Nope, nada. My last stop was second grade. Nope, it wasn't laying around there either. This time, it was a Tupperware sandwich box. Last time, a mitten. The time before that, a cardigan. And those are just the things that are not found before leaving school. It's been mentioned a few times, how they've found her stuff in the cafeteria, on the playground, etc. and returned it to her during school. One time, I was picking her up as she was being called down to the office to claim her hat. They know. They know what is her's. With three kids all at the same school, it's only Einey who comes home with half her stuff.

So far, we've lost (in the last month):
1 red button up cardigan
1 pair of red school sweatpants Yah! I actually just found these after looking for four weeks. they were in, of all places, her jeans drawer. Which is not surprising we didn't find because A) all her uniform pieces are usually hanging up and B) she hates jeans.
1 knitted/fleece mitten
1 Tupperware sandwich container
(why is everything Einey's???)

But judging from her gene's it's not hard to see that the apple doesn't fall that far from the tree. I cannot tell you how many times Husband has lost something that is right there in front of him. It infuriates me when he has his 7 days off every five weeks and waits until 5 minutes before he's due to walk out the door to make sure he has everything he needs for work. He usually doesn't. And I'm supposed to know where they are.

And found:
1 fork

Husband called tonight to tell me he found the fork at work someone mistakenly picked up last night. I had to LMAO and tell him I wasn't worried about the damn fork. His reply "I was worried about the fork, because then we wouldn't have a complete set and I'd have to throw away a spoon, salad fork, knife, etc. Or buy a single fork". Damn OCD! I'm still LMFAO!

Now if only we could find the rest of the missing items!


Suburb Sierra said...

He'd hate it at our house - lots of mis-matched spoons that had to be replaced when many of the originals were thrown out as we taught our kids to clear their dishes over the past 6 years :) They now know only plastic gets thrown away. Very funny. Good luck on your daily scavenger hunts...

Super Mega Dad said...

Too funny!

I think I have my kids pretty well trained on keeping their stuff. Maybe I should go and find some wood to knock on! :)