Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Art of Language

The other day, we were playing the Wii and I was helping Moe with Mario Kart. I must get frustrated with her because before I could say anything, she looked up and said "I'm pressing the damn button".


Another night, Husband was playing another game on the Wii and we hear F.. and then nothing. Just F. Then we hear Einey say, "you mean fuccen, or however that's spelled, right dad". A few minutes later, he gives the game the one fingered salute and she's right there pointing her finger (a different finger) right along side of him.


Last night, coming home from a meeting, the car infront of me got out of our left turn lane, and then proceeded to turn left from the right turn lane anyway. I may have muttered "Jackass" but I swear it was under my breath. Needless to say, I hear Meenie ask from two rows back "you need gas"? Uh no. "Well why did you say that then?". To which Einey replied, "she didn't say gas, she said jackass". And then she proceeded to tell them how jackass is just another word for a donkey and thus, not bad to say.

Oy vey!


Anonymous said...

geez now you can,t spell things or use sign language what are you gonna do now

Binky said...

I'm laughing my ass off at Moe "pressing the damn button." I'm surprised things like that don't come out of The Boss's mouth more often. Lord knows it's not for lack of hearing the expletives.

Super Mega Dad said...

Having kids sure does limit our vocabulary, doesn't it?

In our household, we invent works that mean basically the same thing, but don't sound near as bad...thank FUDGE!

Whirlwind said...

I know!

We do try to use other words (like for a long time, we said "aww pickles"), but Husband can sometimes swear like a sailor!

Binky- I laughed too.

The Girl Revolution said...

Hilarious. They'll get over it. They'll learn to use the words appropriately at least.