Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy 10th Birthday

Happy 10th birthday to my geeky, science loving, tree climbing, race running, soccer playing, fun loving, quirky Einey!

Merry Christmas 2011

Christmas Card 2011

Christmas Eve
Wishing everyone the best this holiday season!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The evolution of a Christmas card

Since the girls were little, we have always sent out Christmas Cards to all our families and friends. Here's looking back through the years.

I have no recollection on what we sent out as a card, so it was probably some generic card. Here is the photo that accompanied the card.

photo courtesy of the one and only time we visited Picture People

Same with 2002. These years with 2 babies have fully escaped my memory.

Apparently adding a third child to the mix meant I felt the need to start a family card tradition.
Even back then I couldn't get them to sit still and cooperate :) Although they were wearing matching outfits. (please ignore the fact that it's not straight, I took a photo of it)

We tried something new this year - we made our cards using our family's hand prints. Printed at home as an opening card.


Hand prints again!



Back to flat photo cards this year. I love this photo of the girls, but it wasn't my favorite from the day. For some reason the Big Kid didn't like my favorite photo. So instead, that photo sits on our fireplace.

This year, we went with a new printing company, one that I absolutely LOVE. It gave me a chance to design my own cards (with a little help from another fellow blogger who designed just what I wanted!) They were printed on a matte card stock paper, which I again, LOVE for cards!

Again, we used the same printing company as the previous year but opted for a folding card. My same blogging friend helped us out again!



This year we went back to Shutterfly for our cards. We used a preset design but still printed on matte paper. We opted for a folding card.


Inside Top

Inside bottom

I have loved looking back through the years at how much my girl's have grown. I must confess that I do keep all my Christmas cards and make scrapbooks out of all the wonderful cards we receive. it is great to look back and see how much not only my daughter's have grown, but also how much their friends have grown.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Kids

It took me awhile, but I finally have our Christmas cards ordered. This year was a weird one. I always look forward to taking our annual Christmas card picture in early November. But with the weather unseasonably warm this year - the kids were still running around in short sleeve shirts until the beginning of December and the kids not cooperating, I almost gave up. The picture we used ended up being taken at the last moment. We didn't search out a background, pick out special outfits or pose them in any way We were out at the annual Christmas Parade in our area and took a picture of the girls. We were happy with the result and there was our card.

As the girls get older, I've learned a few one thing. My girls aren't dresses and matching clothes. You'll never get a perfect card from us. They hate being posed. It just isn't us. It's..... unnatural.

But what I can promise you is this - you will get a real picture. Something that depicts us as we are. Having fun and loving each other.

These are my girls.

Einey - Candy canes can be swords!
Meenie - I've been framed!

Moe - just being Moe....

I look at these pictures and think of my girls and can only think of one thing. I am blessed!