Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My Kids

It took me awhile, but I finally have our Christmas cards ordered. This year was a weird one. I always look forward to taking our annual Christmas card picture in early November. But with the weather unseasonably warm this year - the kids were still running around in short sleeve shirts until the beginning of December and the kids not cooperating, I almost gave up. The picture we used ended up being taken at the last moment. We didn't search out a background, pick out special outfits or pose them in any way We were out at the annual Christmas Parade in our area and took a picture of the girls. We were happy with the result and there was our card.

As the girls get older, I've learned a few one thing. My girls aren't dresses and matching clothes. You'll never get a perfect card from us. They hate being posed. It just isn't us. It's..... unnatural.

But what I can promise you is this - you will get a real picture. Something that depicts us as we are. Having fun and loving each other.

These are my girls.

Einey - Candy canes can be swords!
Meenie - I've been framed!

Moe - just being Moe....

I look at these pictures and think of my girls and can only think of one thing. I am blessed!

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