Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

We would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

I am thankful for my family and friends. For good health and the Big Kid's job (because for as much as I complain, at least he has a job). I am thankful for my kids and the laughter and love they bring to my life. What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

I will leave you with How to Cook a Turkey
By Moe
First Grade
Age 6.

Do you know how to make the best turkey? No? the secret ingredient of my family recipe is sugar. First my dad pulls off the feathers of the turkey next, my mom puts the turkey in the pan we put some and mayo on top of the turkey Then my mom cooks it in a hot pan and my dad puts the oven to 1000 degrees. we cook the turkey for 50 seconds and we know it is done when it looks dead.

(copied verbatim from her paper)

If I end up at the hospital with food poisoning, it's because we used Moe's recipe for dinner :D

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Driving Lesson #1

RED means STOP.

GREEN means GO.

For the color challenged, RED is the light on TOP, Green is the light on the BOTTOM.

STOP means your vehicle is not moving. GO means you vehicle is in motion.

Just because you drive a big SUV, does not mean you are allowed to disregard the above rules.

Crossing in front of traffic that is already moving forward because they have a GREEN light (and you have a RED light) is stupid. It may save you a minute of time and get you to your destination fasted, but one of these times, your not going to be so lucky. Jackass.

Signed, the person who was behind the cars you cut off.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Pure exhaustion

Today was a busy day*. A full day of school. The first cheer leading practice of the season until 4:30 for Meenie and Moe. The last soccer practice of the season from 5-6 for Meenie and Moe. And then to the theater at 6 for auditions for the Christmas Cabaret for Meenie and Moe.

So it was no wonder when Moe's name was called around 7pm, that she walked across the theater to me from her seat near the director and burst into tears. She couldn't think of a song she said (they just had to sing any Christmas carol). So I sat with her in my arms while the rest of our group auditioned.

My poor little girl - she was beat. Although she did come home and once she decided what she wanted for dinner and ate - she finished her homework. Now she's tucked snuggly into her bed, fast asleep.

*normally we do not let them have more then one activity at a time, but today was one of those fluke days :(

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

It's the most wonderful time of the year - Christmas card time

One of my favorite things about the holidays is the sending and receiving of Christmas cards. I love the whole aspect of taking the girls somewhere and taking numerous pictures. I love picking out the perfect picture. And I love designing the perfect card. To continue reading, click here

Crossing the Line

I love my daughters. I love being an active and involved part of their lives. I support them at school - volunteering in the classrooms or for activities. I participate in fundraisers and send The Big Kid on field trips. I am a girls scout leader and help them with their fundraisers. I pay their dues. I go to all their cheer leading games and competitions. I pay for them to play. I bring them to theater auditions and rehearsals and shows. I provide their costumes as needed. I coach(ed) soccer as does the Big Kid. I pay for them to play. I do fundraisers. I am willing to help out and due these things because I care. And because I can. If my child wants to participate in a sport or activity, I will gladly pay for it and fundraiser for it as needed and to the best of my ability. I will help out as much as I can.

I will never, ever fundraiser for their soccer league again. Last night, they voted to "donate" a portion of the rec. soccer money to pay for the public high school's soccer jerseys. Because they need two different jerseys - one for home and one for away (well newsflash, it's been like that since I was in high school. And in case this is new to you, they require the same in middle school). And they cost $70 each. And they have no money. And parents have to pay $50 a sport. Wah wah, boo freaking wooo. I pay for my kids to go to school and THEN pay for their extracurricular activities on top of that. In addition to paying my taxes which go TO YOUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS that my children do not use.

First of all - our town just build a MULTIMILLION dollar high school - opened for the first time this fall. However, they have yet to pay a home game because the fields aren't ready and the gym floors- not even a year old are warped - and need to be replaced (why, because they didn't put a humidity sensor in the gym and the summer was warm). The whole reason for building a new school was the old high school was on accreditation probation from the NAYEC. The building didn't meet current standards and would have cost too much to repair.

HOWEVER, now they have a big empty building and wouldn't it be great to repair and combine the two elementary schools so K-2 are in one building, 3-5 are in another and 6-8 are in the third (currently they have 2 elementary schools with K-4 and a middle school with 5-8). Just because the building didn't meet safety standards, we can just put little kids in at and everyone will forget the reason we built the new school because look how shiny and new it is. And whole nice new package will make everyone forget about the issues within - that we have the same teachers, that we are still failing the standardized test. It's okay. We'll just give every high schooler a laptop.

There are so many, many things I disagree with... but taking money from recreation soccer to help pay for the jerseys of the high school teams (some board member's kids play for high school). irritates the hell out of me. They claim "but in the long run, it will be for YOUR children". What about the kids who live in other towns. What about the kids (like my own) who do not, and WILL not go to public school in the town we live? And 6 years from now, when my child is a high schooler, you mean to tell me they'll be using the same jerseys? I am not some mindless idiot who is going to believe the bull shit your trying to sell me.

Please do not tell me that we have no money in rec. soccer - that we need to reuse jerseys for two season (even though I pay the same for registration both season) to cut costs. That we need new equipment. Tell me that we are barely meeting our expenses. But then tell me we have plenty of money to support the public school teams.

I am not an idiot. I can tell you though, I will pay my registration fees as long as my children play for your league (I'm tempted to switch to a different league, however they have great coaches). But I will never, ever fund raise for you again.

Monday, November 01, 2010

Zombie kids

Okay - so Night of the Living Dead is over, and while I don't have any pictures to share of The Big Kid getting killed by zombies (because his work schedule had him drop the play). I do have one of my Zombie Girls.

I should have had them stand near The Big Kid's tombstone. But didn't think of that ahead of time.

Time is of the Essence

You know how you have a clock which is set a little fast to give you more time? Our is our alarm clock. or was. It has been set about 20 minutes fast forever. Well a certain nine year old has now admitted to resetting it to the "right" time for us.

Guess who was 20 minutes late for school today*?

* I also blame the fact that one child had homework to finish this morning (because they never have homework over the weekend - she and I both forgot) and free dress day. Man, is it easier when they have no choice what to wear!