Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Pure exhaustion

Today was a busy day*. A full day of school. The first cheer leading practice of the season until 4:30 for Meenie and Moe. The last soccer practice of the season from 5-6 for Meenie and Moe. And then to the theater at 6 for auditions for the Christmas Cabaret for Meenie and Moe.

So it was no wonder when Moe's name was called around 7pm, that she walked across the theater to me from her seat near the director and burst into tears. She couldn't think of a song she said (they just had to sing any Christmas carol). So I sat with her in my arms while the rest of our group auditioned.

My poor little girl - she was beat. Although she did come home and once she decided what she wanted for dinner and ate - she finished her homework. Now she's tucked snuggly into her bed, fast asleep.

*normally we do not let them have more then one activity at a time, but today was one of those fluke days :(

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