Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It Happens Again

Once again, I made arrangements with the grandparents (the other set this time) to watch the girls while I go to my annual Dr. appointment. At least they had the decency to call 2 hours before my appointment and cancel. I was lucky enough to find a friend willing to watch the three while I went.

The kicker though? I made arraignments with them to keep the girls over night over a month ago so I can surprise the husband with a night out. I got tickets to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra and we made semi-plans to meet some friends after. It was supposed to be our first full night out without the kids (we've gone out for dinner or a movie a few times). And what do they say today when they call? "Oh and can you find other arraignments for the girls Saturday, we don't think we can take them?" WTF? It's the first time we've ever even asked this. It's not like we freeload on them every single weekend so we can go out partying!

The last night husband and I spent alone together was the Christmas Eve, 5 years ago - the night before Einey was born. And even that wasn't completely alone as we had to wake up at midnight for Mass.

One freaking time that we ask for something and of course they have to screw it up.

But whenever they want to take the kids, we have to bring them over right away. There was one time when the girls had rotovirus and they still tried to get us to let them take them to a Christmas Party. We have to make sure we are always available so they can take them to their company's annual Christmas/Easter/Halloween Parties (regardless of whether we had plans or not). We stopped telling the girls when they want them to sleep over because they always wait to the last minute to bail (even when they are the ones asking for them on specific nights and I have to change plans to suit them).

Whenever we visit them, we end up staying awhile to visit. We arrive around the time dinner is supposed to be served (but for some reason, it is usually an hour later) and stay a bit helping them clean up after dessert. We then stay for a bit of conversation. If they come over for dinner, they arrive right when dinner is ready to be served and leave within 5 minutes of dessert being finished. For holidays they come, let the girls open their gifts and leave shortly after.

Once, we had plans to go to Vermont to visit friends and they were going to keep our dog for the weekend. At the last minute, they cancelled on us. So we had to endure a 4 hour car ride with Dog in tow. Never again! After that, we found a good kennel that we can leave her at when we need to (which isn't often at all)!

Here's to hoping I can find a sitter so we can go out!


Jenifer said...

I'm telling you.... we should get to know each other, then I can sit for you so you and your hubby can go out and you can sit for me for the same reason.

We can start a children exchange program



Kristen said...

OH, I am so sorry. This is beyond frustrating. I feel very lucky that my mom is so involved with the kids - she takes them for us on a regular basis, has all the stuff they need right there at her house - she makes it very easy for me. I am so appreciative of that, especially when I hear stories like yours.