Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Caught in the Act

The other night, I decided to have some chips as a snack on the way home. In the van. In the dark. Immediately after I pop the first one into my mouth I hear:

Einey: Mom, what are you eating?
Meenie: I hear something.
Einey: I smell chips. Are you eating Doritos?
Me: Um...(crunch, crunch) no.
Einey: It smells like Doritos. I hear you crunching. What are you eating?
Meenie: Are they orange?
Moe: Uhh, uhh... (apparently she could see me)
Me: Nothing. I'm not eating anything.
After about 5 minutes of them grilling me, I gave in and told the truth. They are way to clever for their own good!

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