Thursday, March 20, 2008

Eggs, Eggs Everywhere

And it's not even Easter yet!

And you know what, of course they are the girls FAVORITE toys right now. Why wouldn't they be? We picked up eggs at the town Easter Egg Hunt, Meenie's class hunt, in which the teacher gave Moe a few eggs as well and then today at drop off, a friend gave the girls bags she made which include eggs (and which means Einey will be coming home from school with them as well). The girls have been hiding EVERYTHING in them lately as well. Luckily, they were smart enough to empty the candy and put in into the basket where I will probably toss it when they are not looking give them a piece or two a day. But now I need to constantly keep check on what they are hiding. They have already discovered that many of the LPS toys fit perfectly inside as well as hair accessories. And I happen to know the Easter Bunny is planning on leaving some eggs as well.

What oh what am I going to do with all the eggs and how can I make them magically disappear?


On a side note, I need one of those giant plastic bubbles to put Moe in. She's once again sporting a nice black eye. While entering the grocery store yesterday, she walked into the corner on a garbage can.

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Anonymous said...

you can have a belated eggs hunt on a nice saturday and they can all take eggs back home lol